WhatsApp for small business

With the WhatsApp for small business integration you will be able to receive and respond to WhatsApp chat messages directly in amoCRM. When a potential customer sends you a message for the first time, a lead card is automatically created.

The integration was created by the amoCRM team, installing and using WhatsApp as a lead source and business communication tool is free and simple.

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How to install WhatsApp for small business

How to use WhatsApp for small business

How to install WhatsApp for small business

WhatsApp for small business has 2 modes of connection. Lite and Hosted mode.

Lite mode is used for testing purposes. You will be able to receive and respond to WhatsApp messages in amoCRM but if you lose your phone’s internet connection, the battery runs out or you close the app, the connection with amoCRM will be lost.

Hosted mode provides a full connection of your WhatsApp phone number to amoCRM and WhatsApp messages will always show up in your pipeline. While hosted mode is active, the number will be disconnected from WhatsApp on your phone and will be available only in amoCRM.

How to connect Lite mode

Step 1: In the Settings > Integrations page click on WhatsApp for small business

Step 2: Accept the amoCRM privacy policy and click on Install

WhatsApp integration in amoCRM

Step 3: A QR code will be generated on the amoCRM screen. In your WhatsApp mobile app click on the three dots > WhatsApp Web (Android). On (iOS) tap on Settings > WhatsApp Web / Desktop.

QR code in amoCRM's WhatsApp integration

Step 4: Aim the smartphone camera at the QR code generated on the amoCRM page screen.

WhatsApp for small business has been successfully installed.(Lite mode) ✅

WhatsApp lite mode installed in amoCRM

How to connect Hosted mode

Once you have connected Lite mode, you can choose to switch to the hosted mode of connection:

Step 1: Click on the ‘Switch to hosted connection’ button

Step 2: Enter your WhatsApp phone number and click on ‘Verify this number’

Add your number to WhatsApp hosted mode in amoCRM

Step 3: Wait approx. 3-6 minutes to receive an SMS code from WhatsApp on your phone

Receive WhatsApp SMS in amoCRM

Step 4: Enter the WhatsApp SMS code and choose your display name. Then click on ‘Verify this number’.

Add WhatsApp SMS in amoCRM

If you entered the SMS correctly, after 2-3 minutes of automatic setup the hosted integration will be successfully installed and you can use your WhatsApp number to receive and respond to messages in amoCRM. ✅

You can uninstall the integration anytime by clicking on the ‘Uninstall’ button.

Important info when installing hosted mode:

  • While hosted mode is active, WhatsApp on your phone will be logged out.
  • Do not reinstall hosted mode multiple times in the same day. This will lead to a temporary or even permanent ban of the WhatsApp number.
  • Do not use new SIM card numbers for the hosted mode. This will likely lead to an automatic ban of the WhatsApp number. It is recommended to connect numbers which have already been used on a phone with WhatsApp. Using the connection to send out spam messages will also lead to a ban.
  • If you receive an error during steps 3 and 4, it means that your code was not correct or our system was full at the moment. You should try connecting the number again after 10 minutes.

Adding WhatsApp for small business in the pipeline

If you have multiple pipelines and want to add the integration in one of them:

  • In the selected pipeline click on Setup pipeline
  • Click on Add source
  • Select Whatsapp for business

How to use WhatsApp for small business

Once installed every time a potential customer writes to you on WhatsApp, a lead card will be automatically created in amoCRM in the Incoming leads stage.

The lead will be marked with the WhatsApp logo 👇

WhatsApp lead card in amoCRM

You will be able to respond to messages directly from the amoCRM lead card and messages will be saved in the card feed.

WhatsApp chat in amoCRM lead card

  • The integration works only for direct chat messages. Group messages are not visible in amoCRM.
  • You can send out documents and media files up to 10 MB in size.

Need more help with setting up or troubleshooting? Contact us by sending an email to support@amocrm.com or write to us on Facebook.

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