WhatsApp for small business

WhatsApp for business is a free integration that allows you to connect your WhatsApp account to amoCRM. This is an amazing opportunity to respond to your clients without leaving your amoCRM account.

It works like this: when a potential customer sends you a message for the first time via WhatsApp, an incoming lead card is automatically created.

    The integration was created by the amoCRM team, so it’s absolutely safe to use. Installing and using WhatsApp as a lead source and business communication tool is free and simple to do.

    With its help, your whole team can work from a single WhatsApp account. And what’s more amazing, now you can connect several numbers, name them, and link them to different pipelines!

    You can find the integration by going to Chats > Chat tools > Channels.

    Chats Setup

    Channels Install

    Once you click on the Install button, the integration window will pop up. There, you need to accept WhatsApp for small business privacy policy and give access to your amoCRM account by ticking the box. After that, the install button will be available for you to click.

    Accept install

    Currently, we have two device modes available:

    • Single Device mode
    • Multi Device mode

    The only difference between these modes is that in Multi Device mode, you can use the integration even if your phone is not online, while integration in Single Device mode stops working when you go offline. That is why we highly recommend choosing Multi Device mode – you don’t want to go dark on your clients every once in a while, right?

    How to connect Multi Device mode

    Multi Device mode enables you to stay connected even if your phone is not online!

    This mode is in testing currently, and you have to join the beta version in order to be able to use it. To do this:

    1. If you use Android, go to Menu > Linked Devices > Multi-device beta > Join.
    2. Join beta android

    3. If you use iOS, go to Settings > Linked Devices > Multi-device beta > Join.

    Join beta iPhone

    Once you do that, your phone does not need to be online to use WhatsApp on the web, desktop, or in amoCRM!

    Now let’s connect your WhatsApp to amoCRM. Click on the ‘Connect’ button,

    Connect Multi device

    choose your phone type and confirm that you have joined the beta version. Once you do that, a QR code will appear on your screen. You can scan the QR code simply by:

    • Opening WhatsApp on your phone
    • Going to Menu or Settings > Linked devices > Link a device
    • Scanning the QR code on the install page of amoCRM

    Scan QR Android

    Scan QR iPhone

    You are now ready to win more customers!

    💬 Do note

    To stay connected, please do not log out of amoCRM in WhatsApp (WhatsApp Web > Logged in devices) and use your phone at least once within 14 days.

    How to connect Single Device mode

    To use this mode, remember to keep your phone turned on and connected to the internet, otherwise, the integration will not work. Don’t log out of amoCRM in WhatsApp (WhatsApp Web > Logged in devices).

    To integrate single device mode choose it and click ‘Connect’ button.

    Connect single device

    Once you click the button, a QR code will appear on your screen. All you have to do is this:

    • Open WhatsApp on your phone
    • Go to Menu or Settings > Linked devices > Link a device
    • Scan the QR code

    That’s it! Your WhatsApp is now connected to amoCRM.

    How to set up WhatsApp for small business

    Once you add your first WhatsApp number in any mode, you will see the integration settings window.

    Here you can delete your added numbers or add a new one,

    Add delete number

    rename, or link added numbers to a certain pipeline.

    Edit name pipeline

    You can also choose your backup number – this one will be used in case your other numbers get disconnected.

    Backup number

    How to use WhatsApp for small business

    Now when everything is set up, let’s see how the integration works.

    Once a lead writes you a message, it will appear in your Chat section with a WhatsApp logo. You can easily have a talk with them there and all messages will be saved in the card feed.

    What’s more, a new incoming lead card will appear in the linked pipeline. You can accept it by clicking a green tick or by moving it to any other pipeline stage; or delete it if it is spam or not your audience. You can also merge it with an existing lead if you already had a conversation with the same person reaching you from a different number.


    Lead card

    💬Do note:

    • The integration works only for direct chat messages. Group messages are not visible in amoCRM.
    • You can send out documents and media files up to 10 MB in size.

    Need more help with setting up or troubleshooting? Contact us by sending an email to support@amocrm.com or writing to us on Facebook.

    Not a user yet? Visit our Tour page or contact us for a demo.