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The sales pipeline is a key interface of amoCRM. Make it your own by customizing the stages of sales in accordance with your business; add new stages, rename the standard stages or even create several pipelines, if you need to. After that, create your first lead and navigate it through the stages of your pipeline.

Get to know how to use Lead Card. Save relevant information. Send messages and emails to your lead. Chat with team members, and much more.

Import is a tool that helps you upload your data to amoCRM and start working with it immediately. Field mapping and template creation make the process easy, even with multiple data imports.

amoCRM has a pre-pipeline stage called “Incoming leads”, it allows you to receive applications, convert them to leads and start working with them or distribute them to managers. The system captures everyone who contacts you, calls, writes an email or fills out the form on your website. Let’s see how to capture incoming leads using forms.

Learn how to limit access to data for other users or add new ones to the platform. It only takes a few minutes to organize permissions for your team. Get started now!

Set up your email accounts in a few minutes. Our two-sync functionality allows you to work from amoCRM without jumping around on your browser. All your inboxes, in one place, ready for you.

Make more calls. Pay less. Discover the real benefits of VoIP for your business and how to integrate these solutions with amoCRM.

The Digital pipeline is a unique feature of amoCRM, which will automatically advance your sales in the sales pipeline. It can show your client a special advertisement, send an email and even set up a task for the responsible manager. The Digital Pipeline can be the assistant you have always wanted.

Learn how to connect social media profiles and messaging systems to your amoCRM account.

In amoCRM, you can see the conversion, evaluate the performance of managers and even analyze the problem areas of your sales department using the Analytics section.

For more functional work with amoCRM, we recommend installing a mobile application that not only provides access to similar web functions, but also provides a number of tools possible only on mobile devices.


amoCRM supplies you with an awesome feature for your business – Import. If you’ve just started using amoCRM and want to upload your client base to our system, this is an amazing option for you. Most online services have an export feature that takes a client base and turns it into an xls or a csv file. You can import that file to start working with amoCRM without any delay.


Stripe is an online service that helps you take care of your customer’s daily transactions and invoices. Whether you’re looking to bill customers on a recurring basis, set up a marketplace, or simply accept payments, Stripe can be very helpful.
Integrating amoCRM with Stripe lets you use amoCRM to its full potential. With the help of this widget, you can automate the invoicing and payment process completely.

QuickBooks is a business accounting software program that businesses use to manage sales, expenses, and to track daily transactions. You can use it to invoice customers, pay bills, generate reports for financial planning, tax filing, and more. The QuickBooks product line includes several solutions that work great for anyone from a sole proprietor to a mid-sized business.

Zapier is a platform for building connections with more than 1000 web services. Imagine a bridge between amoCRM and an external app – that’s Zapier. Moreover, Zapier can broaden the possibilities of amoCRM itself.

PieSync allows you to two-way sync your contacts in real time between your different business apps. Integrating amoCRM with PieSync means that every time you add or update a contact in amoCRM, it’s automatically synced with other apps, and vice versa, such as Google Contacts, MailChimp, and many more. Let’s learn how to integrate amoCRM with PieSync.

LiveChat is an online customer service software with live support, help desk software, and web analytics capabilities. It allows you to embed chats on your website and mobile platforms to boost your quality of service.
Imagine that a client wants to ask you a question about your product on your website. The LiveChat integration will search for data in amoCRM and all the information found will show in your chat window. After the chat is closed, the data will go straight into amoCRM.

Tidio Chat is a web-based live chat software which combines messages from emails, Facebook Messenger, and website chat into a unified agent interface, enabling agents to deal with all messages at the same time, with the same tools, regardless of which channel they come in from.
Embedding Tidio on your website is a very simple process that will help you boost your sales and allow you to be in contact with your customers 24/7.











amoCRM provides the ability to optimize your account by creating custom fields that fit your business needs. Our system gives you the option to choose from many different field types to
keep your information concise and organized.