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Unified inbox with Instagram

Stop switching from app to app

Spend less time shuffling apps — in amoCRM, you can manage all your important conversations in a single platform. Communicate on any channel right inside the potential customer’s amoCRM profile, whether that’s through phone, email, SMS or messenger apps like Instagram.

Instagram for Sales

Attract & manage more customers

Even though Instagram is one of the hottest platforms for connecting with potential customers, it wasn’t really built for that. Power-up your sales with amoCRM, a platform created specifically to turn conversations into paying customers.

With amoCRM, you can instantly see where each lead is in the sales process, label them with tags, send follow-ups automatically and a lot more. Plus, after they purchase, amoCRM has tools to help you build loyalty and nurture future sales.

Instagram for Teams

Teamwork equals sales

When multiple team members are using your Instagram to connect with potential customers, it’s easy to lose track of who’s doing what. That’s why amoCRM was built to be shared. You can assign a responsible user to each potential customer manually or automatically. Each user gets their own personalized notifications and task management system. Plus, if they need a colleague’s help, they can chat privately within the lead card.

Instagram for Managers

Performance in real-time

Looking for a way to deliver great customer experiences consistently? In amoCRM, managers can get the big picture on team performance and drill down to the details to pinpoint areas for improvement. Get equipped for better decision-making: you can set and view task progress for any team member, measure achievements with real-time reports and control user access on the individual or team level.

Templates for Instagram

Chat faster

In the era of convenience, customers expect a response yesterday. Accelerate your business’ messaging speed with amoCRM’s Instagram templates. You can auto-send them based on triggers, such as receiving a frequently asked question, or you can pull up a template while chatting by starting to type its name. Even better — automatically fill in template messages with details from the lead’s profile, so every message feels personal.

Chatbot for Instagram

Get an Instagram chatbot

Serve customers 24/7 with your own Instagram chatbot. amoCRM’s code-free constructor makes it easy for anyone to make a Salesbot that can collect customer information, fill in their profiles, automatically launch actions, send messages and more.

“amoCRM helps us organize our approach to our workflow. We’ve had the system since the beginning of our business in 2017, and our sales have doubled each year.”

Damon Riehl
Damon Riehl IP Loan Exchange | Finance

“There is no way without this CRM I could think about bringing a million dollars in revenue. That’s our target for this year now.”

Richard Simmons
Richard Simmons King Invest Solutions | Consulting

“Since I started using amoCRM, sales have been going up every year. It definitely makes our business more efficient and gets me back on track with my prospects.”

Marius Heyerdahl
Marius Heyerdahl MarineTrans | Logistics

50k+ businesses run on amoCRM

Why get an Instagram CRM?

  • Build a scalable Instagram sales process

    • View leads in your Instagram CRM pipeline
    • Capture new Instagram chats in the pipeline🔥 HOT
    • Get organized with profiles for every customer
    • Mark potential customers with tags
  • Connect with customers faster and better

    • Communicate without switching apps
    • Live chat, SMS, Messengers, email & phone🔥 HOT
    • Personalize email & Instagram templates
    • Auto-send emails & Instagram messages
    • AI Instagram chatbot for detecting lead intent🔥 HOT
  • Work together as a team

    • Add and monitor tasks
    • Create goals & track Instagram performance
    • Assign responsibility for every lead
    • Set permissions for users & teams
    • Share team-wide Instagram access🔥 HOT
    • Send internal chat messages to team members
  • Build a loyal following of customers

    • Work with buyers in the Customer Pipeline
    • Drive loyalty with automatic follow-ups in Instagram
    • Track satisfaction with Net Promoter Score
    • Provide support with messengers & online chat🔥 HOT

amoCRM Pricing

Instagram CRM for businesses of every size

All messaging apps, including Instagram, are included in every amoCRM plan for no extra charge.







Per user / month. Billed annually.

🏎️💨 Take amoCRM for a spin for 14 days. No credit card required!