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If you’re already reaping the benefits of a messenger-based sales strategy, it’s about to be pushed into hyper-drive: amoCRM has officially added the world’s most popular messaging app! That means you’ll now be able to capture leads and converse in WhatsApp — all within amoCRM.🤯

popular messengers worldwide

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messenger app by far

Using WhatsApp for business — the limitations

Using WhatsApp for business is next gen when it comes to customer engagement: you can connect with leads and customers ultra-fast, cut through the formalities for better rapport and give your clients the convenience of contacting you on their terms.

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Unfortunately, when you’re using WhatsApp for business, you’re gonna face some limitations. As great as this messenger is, it’s an app made for socializing — it wasn’t built for the flood of conversations that professionals have daily. You might manage dozens of accounts simultaneously… and that’s just too many high stakes conversations to risk losing track of.

This gets even more complicated when you add additional communication channels: jumping from phone to Facebook Messenger to email to WhatsApp is a dizzying practice that no one can sustain for long.🤪

So put down that 3rd cup of coffee and save your 110% for the actual content of your conversations. How, you ask? amoCRM gives you the tools to maintain an omnichannel strategy without breaking a sweat. And I guarantee that without the distraction of app switching and frantic searching, your performance will improve 10x.

sales pipeline in amocrm with whatsapp conversations

This could be your pipeline

Capture leads from WhatsApp

amoCRM is like a single, unified inbox. Leads from all your sources land there automatically: form submissions, emails, phone calls, live chats, Facebook lead ads and more. It also grabs leads from incoming chat messages, including from WhatsApp.

That means that whenever you have a new incoming message, it’s added to your pipeline as a potential lead, which you can either accept or reject.

Syncing WhatsApp conversations with your CRM

It doesn’t stop with sending leads to your pipeline… amoCRM also enables you to chat via WhatsApp right in the CRM. So whether you have conversations in the actual WhatsApp app or in amoCRM, the conversation is visible in both places.

popular messengers worldwide

Chat with messengers right in the lead’s amoCRM profile

The best part though is that all your chat conversations are visible in the lead’s feed.

🖐 Stop for a sec. This is game changing.

Before you answer a lead, you can see your whole relationship in context: you have a snapshot of all your other communications with the lead, the notes you’ve taken, tasks related to this lead and more. It’s all there. No need to try to remember that sh*t anymore.

Power-up your conversations with amoCRM tools

Using WhatsApp for business becomes even more powerful with amoCRM’s messenger-based sales tools. Let’s take a look.

Engagement points

Engagement points showcase touchpoints where leads can connect with you.

The engagement button floats at the bottom of your website, giving visitors a chance to connect with you live via messenger app or online chat.

The engagement page displays the same touchpoints, but in the form of a personalized landing page.

💡Life hack: What’s amazing is that the engagement page is hosted by amoCRM, meaning that you can still give your leads the link even if you don’t have a website!

engagement page in amocrm

Get your own personalized engagement page

Chat templates

Anyone who talks to leads and customers knows that sometimes you feel like a broken record. We’ve all had those days where our mantra was “Like seriously… If someone asks me ___ one more time, I’m gonna lose it.”

Thank goodness for chat templates. In amoCRM, you can add templates to make answering faqs instant. Just click it, and boom — the message is written. They work on all of your messenger apps, including WhatsApp.


Ready to take your messenger-based sales strategy to the next level? amoCRM also comes with a visual bot builder. Using WhatsApp for business and doing it with a chatbot? It’s MBS on steroids.

build ruled based chatbot in amocrm

Chatbot democracy: even non-nerds can build them now!

Ready to connect WhatsApp?

Prefer video? You got it. 👇

Set up isn’t hard, but if you’re feeling intimidated, reach out to one of our amazing expert partners — they’re ready and willing to get your team using WhatsApp for business today.

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Jacqueline Phillips is head of marketing at amoCRM
Jacqueline Phillips

Head of Marketing @ amoCRM

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