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In the "Lead" section, you can see whether the leads has a task by the absence or presence of the following circles:

  • No tasks / orange circle - no tasks in the lead

  • Red circle and number of days - there is an expired task in the lead (the number of days has expired)

  • Green circle - there is a task for today

  • There is no circle - there is a task for the future

If in the section "Leads" it is displayed that there is no task in the lead, but within the lead there is: this task is in the contact or company tied to the lead, and not to the lead itself, so it is not displayed. We recommend placing tasks in the lead if you are planning to filter leads by a parameter without tasks.

Check what the task is tied to in the following way: go to such a lead, pay attention to the task, in the upper right corner or before the type of task, the contact or company in which the task is set is indicated. If the name differs from the name of the lead, then the task is tied to a related contact or company. Click on the inscription, the system will transfer you to the contact window or company in which the task is set.

Statistics by tasks in the pipeline mode

In the section "Leads" (pipeline), scroll up, a tape of statistics will be displayed on the tasks:

  • how many tasks in the leads is for today

  • how many leads without tasks

  • how many overdue tasks in Leads

  • how many tasks today and how many were there yesterday

You can filter leads by these parameters, simply by clicking on the numbers.

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