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How to make two users responsible for one task?

When adding a task, you need to select the Responsible user for the to-do. Only one user can be responsible for one task. To solve this issue, you can create two identical tasks, in each you can assign your responsible users. As a result, each of them will have the same task.

Can I insert a file into the task?

You can not insert a file into the task. You can add a link to a file in the text area when creating a task, or attach a file to the contact card. In order to make it clearer what the file refers to, you can give the file a name similar to the task.

Are there filters for tasks?

Yes, there are filters in the task section. For more information on the filtering topic, see the section called "Filters in amoCRM" in the article Filters in Tasks

Can I delete / edit system task types?

It’s not possible to delete or edit the system task types "Follow up", "Meeting" etc. You can create your own task type and edit it.

Is it possible to add my task types?

Yes. You can add one or more types of tasks. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Immediately, when adding a task in the lead/ contact card or in the "Tasks" section. To do that, when creating a task, select the type "Other" and enter the new type’s name.

  2. Go to the "Tasks" section, in the upper right corner click “..."- choose "Manage to-do types". In the opened window, you can delete old task types, add new ones and move them.

Is there a way to import or export task?

Tasks cannot be directly imported. However, they can be directly exported into your microsoft outlook calendar and icalendar. They can also be synchronized with Google Calendar, and can be exported using backup.

Why do notifications of tasks for the whole day come in the morning?

If you set a task for the whole day for an employee, it is set that they have the whole working day for the task fulfillment therefore the notification comes in the morning.

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