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How to make more than 8 leads reflected in the leads list on the dashboard?

In order to view more leads, you can go to the section leads -pipeline or leads - list.

Can I apply a filter to the list of transactions on the desktop?

The desktop displays the last 8 transactions created in all current statuses, regardless of the specified time period (day, week, month).

A white rectangle with the inscription "in the extended" is displayed on the desktop. How to remove it?

At this point in the tariffs Advanced and Professional the targets are displayed. Remove this block of the dashboard on the basic tariff is impossible. Let us know about the desire to remove this block in the technical support chat. Technical support staff temporarily activates the Advanced Tariff. You will need to click the Configure button on the desktop. Delete the block Goals. Save changes. Technical support staff will return you back to the Base rate.

Is there a contact filter in the desktop settings, let's say, display those that have no comments and tasks?

There is no such filter. You can go to the Lists section and filter there.

Can I search for contacts or leads on the text of a note through the dashboard?

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility.

Can I put my own image on the dashboard?

No, only preinstalled images are available.

Does the Sources of leals widget on the dashboard show any numeric data?

This widget displays only the visualization.

How does the analytics on the dashboard show the conversion between stages?

This analytics shows the number of leads that have passed to the next status and gone into closed and unrealized ones.

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