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If you use Google Analytics to track your statistics, you can receive additional information simply by checking the "Use Google Analytics" form setting.

For more detailed analysis of advertising companies and pipeline, you can make additional settings for Google Analytics. So that data is sent to Google Analytics when the status of the lead is changed, you need the lead to be created from the form on the site, the code can also be obtained in your account. At the same time, the Google Analytics counter must be installed on the site. When sending a form or chat in an amoCRM account, a transaction will be created, which will store UTM-data about the visitor of the site in the "GA UTM" field. This data is used for sending to Google Analytics. If one of these conditions is not met, the data in Google Analytics will not be sent.

How do I determine which Google account I want to send my data to?

On your web page should be a google analytics counter. From this counter, we request trackingId and clientId.

* trackingId - counter id (UA-12345678-1) * clientId - visitor ID, which is assigned by Google's counter to each visitor.

This data we use to send an event to GA.

What data do we send to GA?
  1. transaction - in the transaction we specify the id, affiliation and cost. Next, we specify the element of this transaction. More details can be read in this article

  2. item - here we indicate the information on the transaction that has reached a successful status. Transmit the transaction id, name and budget.

  3. event - send the "Sale" event. These events can be seen in the section "behavior" - "events" - "overview"

  4. pageview - send the "/ amocrm / payment" page view. This allows you to build a map of the visitor's behavior on the site, that is, to see which path the visitors passed to get to the final page / amocrm / payment.

What data do we store in our account?
  1. Traffic source

  2. Type of traffic

  3. Name of the campaign

  4. Campaign keyword

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