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Does monitoring and updating data in amoCRM take a long time? We have a solution! Now you don’t need to manually transfer contacts , companies and leads from third - party applications to amoCRM - Zapier will do it for you! All you have to do is to create your own Zap - A Trigger and an Action - and information will be automatically added to your amoCRM account. Using Zapier you’ll be surprised at what can be done automatically!

amoCRM and Zapier

A little about Zapier

Zapier is a service that makes it possible to connect a wide range of applications in order to automate your daily routine. You no longer need to manually transfer data from one application to another, just create a Zap and it will do everything for you! Zapier provides more than 500 applications for integration and now amoCRM is amongst them. You can create your own workflows (called "Zaps") or use pre-made examples to create connections between amoCRM and different services without any coding. Choose a Trigger, which causes a preselected Action. Zapier does all the work, you’ll just see the result!

A Few Clicks Can Save a Few Hours

To make amoCRM more convenient to use, we looked at the process of adding leads into your account. You receive an email, log into amoCRM, fill out all the required fields and collate them with data from the email. This process takes you a long time, so we decided that the system should do it all for you! Now you can connect Zapier with your amoCRM account. Just create a Zap, which automatically adds the appropriate entity into amoCRM. You can set up an integration with more than 500 supported applications.

If you prefer to keep track of your account updates via email or Slack, just set up notifications! Zapier also supports a reverse integration; when data from your account is automatically sent to an application where you would like to work on it. Set up a Trigger such as the creation of a lead, contact or company in amoCRM and recieve notifications by email. Now you and your sales team will instantly receive notifications about new leads and respond to them in time.

Don’t waste time importing events from amoCRM into Google Calendar, copying information into Google Sheets or subscribing new customers to your MailChimp list. With Zapier these Actions become automatic and no longer require your attention.

If you think it’s not clear how to make a Zap, use built-in solutions and customize them for yourself. Our team has created several Zaps, which you will find useful.

View available Zaps by following this link.

The amoCRM team is actively working on new integrations to improve efficiency and help you save time. We are happy to recieve feedback, so write in the comments what Zaps you would like to see and which you find the most useful.

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