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Phone Integration Make Calls From
the interface

Save time and resources of your sales department by making and receiving calls in amoCRM! Track the calls and get reports, because amoCRM has a fully functional, built-in integration with telephony. You can make a direct call from the customer card with just one click and without any additional equipment.

The call will be recorded automatically in the contact card so you won’t miss any important details.

Phone Number Connect
Any Number

You can use your current telephone number or connect any other. The phone number can be in any country or in any city. Just choose the widget you like in the Add-ons & Extension section, following simple steps and you'll all be set.

Outgoing Calls List Save Time
of your
Sales Team

Facilitate the task of contacting clients by adding them to the list of outgoing calls. amoCRM will automatically attempt to call them, and, in case of an unsuccessful attempt, will rearrange the list accordingly. Manual manipulation is also possible to increase the call priority for a particular client.

Call Redirection Automatic Transfer
of Incoming
Clients' Calls

Connect our smart telephony to transfer all calls from your customers to the responsible salesperson, who has been working with them. The system works by finding a contact in the database, determining the responsible salesperson assigned to them and switching the call to the corresponding person.

If the salesperson is unavailable, the call will be availble to all users of the system or will be sent to a VM.

Call Report Use Analytics to
Monitor the Workload

Track the workload of your sales reps. Call reporting allows you to see the number of successfully completed incoming and outgoing calls both for each salesperson, and for the department as a whole. Keep track of the dynamics and quality of calls.

Automation of Sales Changing the
Sales Stage
with a Call

Enjoy total, automated control over the sales process. Your sales reps will no longer forget to move a customer to the next step of your sales pipeline after a call. Our unique Digital Pipeline can be set up to change the stage of the sales process once a call is received from a customer. It is very convenient even if you do not have the qualification of leads phase or have set up the algorithm for the prioritization of leads.

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