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Smart Sales Automation Set Your Sales
in Auto Mode

Your sales department can utilise our Digital Pipeline in an entirely smart way to fully suit the needs of your business. amoCRM offers a unique opportunity to fully automate routine processes, such as notifying sales reps who need to contact the client, moving the client through the sales pipeline, sending data to analytics or even an email to a client. All that’s required is a one-time set up of the Digtal Pipeline settings.

Additionally, the Digital Pipeline allows you to track customer visits to your site, their calls, emails, or messages in the online chat. There will be no information to forget, supporting the sales reps in their primary task of generating sales.

How It Works in real life
Triggers in the Digital Pipeline act If a Customer
Visits Website or
fill in the form

Instantly focus all your attention on the
client. Our Digital Pipeline tracks
the visit of a potential
customer to your
website, creating
a reminder for a salesperson
to follow them up. Just set up the
Digital Pipeline accordingly to perform
the required action. As an example, it will move
the lead through the pipeline, as soon as somebody
visits your website. amoCRM will immediately configure all
the processes exactly how you need them.

Digital Pipeline Automated Progression
of a Client Through
Your Sales

Manually moving a client through the sales pipeline after receiving a message from them can now be a thing of the past, in that our Digital Pipeline automates this routine process. The Digital Pipeline settings can be configured to automatically move the customer through the sales pipeline to the next stage after receiving an email from them, significantly reducing the strain on the sales manager. The system will automatically redirect the email to the relevant salesperson and will notify them about changes to the client’s status.

Targeted Advertising Set up your advertising
campaign on

Social networks have become part of our everyday life, receiving a huge number of daily visits from potential customers. Thus, setting up a specifically targeted advertising campaign on Facebook now becomes a powerful tool for increasing sales.

The Digital Pipeline can targetedly show your promotional posts to a client, who has reached a specific stage in the sales pipeline.

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