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Win-Lost Analysis Give your Sales Reps
the Analytics They Need
to Increase Profits
In order to increase the efficiency of your sales team you have the opportunity to view a summary report of all sales. You can create a chart of your sales pipeline, which will show outright or as a percentage ratio the number of successfully completed and lost leads. This report can show at what stage in the sales process most leads are lost.
Current Level of Sales Analyse Current Sales
to Control your Reps
In the summary report of the current level of sales, you can view general information about leads, contacts, and tasks in your account. This information can be represented in the form of charts, including a donut type chart. This data is available for the whole sales department or for an individual member of staff. You can view these statistics for a specified time period.
Activity Log Watch the Activity
In your Account
In order to see the history of events for your account for a specified time period, you can use the event list analysis. You can use the relevant filter to find a specific type of event. These include addition of a new lead, company or contact, change in the phase of the sale, addition of a note or task, sending and receiving emails, website visits, start of a new chat, addition to the retargeting category, or creation of an automatic lead. You can also view the history of actions for any user of the system.
Forecasting Future Sales Make your
Sales Strategy
In order to plan the strategy for your sales department into the future, amoCRM can be used to predict future sales, using current data. You can see this type of report under the report for current levels of sales.
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