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BCC (@

These boxes are system (artificial) - they do not have a login / password, settings and can not be deleted. They exist together with the account. - The letter will be displayed in the contact card, transaction or buyer.

This box is needed in case you did not integrate mail into amoCRM, and letters should get into amoCRM, for this you just need to enter the system box in the "Copy" field when sending from your box.

There is another kind of system boxes, they create entities: - The letter will create contacts. - The letter will create a deal. - The letter will create a buyer (Only if the buyer is included in the account).


  • If a message is sent to an incorrect address (for example, it will not be included in the account.

  • Boxes only work when they are specified as a copy. If you specify the address in the hidden copy, the action will not be - the letter will simply fall into the bcc box and not create the entity.

  • If the message is forwarded to the system box, then the contacts will be created by the fields of the letter from / to / the copy, and not by the data of the sent message, which is simply inserted as content. We accept letters only from direct customers, and do not use mail forwarding or letter collectors.

  • You can receive emails from email addresses that will be displayed in amoCRM. But you can not send letters from this address.

  • If you change the name of the account, the email address will also change. In this case, letters that will be sent to the old address will go nowhere.

When sending messages from amoCRM, this email address is automatically placed in a hidden copy. This is necessary for outgoing emails to be displayed in amoCRM in the Leads / Contacts / Companies cards and in the Outbox in the mail section.

The letter is not attached IF:

  • Invalid or not specified mail in the "copy" field;

  • You are on a free-of-charge tariff (this refers to the tariff of the account, and not to the trial period);

  • You send a letter to yourself or your manager on the mail that the user has in your account;

  • You send from mail, which is not registered by any of your users;

  • The letter contains attachments of more than 10 mb;

  • You have reached the limit of uploaded files in your account (in this case, the letter will come without any attached documents).

If you have already synchronized mail in amoCRM, then you do not need to use system boxes

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