Salesbot step and action types

Each step can have multiple actions assigned to it. To add an extra action during the creation of a Salesbot step, click on the + Add action button.

There are several types of Salesbot steps:

Send message
This step will make the Salesbot send the message to the customer. Apart from entering the message for the Salesbot to send, you can add Response buttons that will anticipate the possible answer guide the customer to other steps. Up to three buttons can be added.

You can also add synonym keywords as an alternative to the buttons, in case your customer writes an answer instead of clicking the button. This will help the system determine the intention behind the customer’s answer.

Perform actions

This step has a range of actions that happen within amoCRM itself. It includes:

  • Adding a note to the contact or lead
  • Changing the stage of the lead
  • Changing the Responsible user of the contact or the lead
  • Managing lead or contact tags (adding/removing)
  • Sending internal message within the lead card. It will also be visible in the notification center
  • Adding certain data (like a set value or text) to a specific contact field
  • Setting the lead sale value
  • Subscribing a user group of amoCRM users to the chat (all members will get notifications about the lead/contact as if being the responsible user)


This Salesbot step acts as a filter between Salesbot steps. Within it, you can set multiple conditions a chat message or contact fields must meet before another step can happen. This really helps when you need to filter out certain types of contacts or guide the Salesbot based on the text in the message.

Custom step

Here you can enter your own code. To get a better idea of how to create commands of the Salesbot, please see the Salesbot article on our Developers knowledge base.


This step has third-party widgets that can be used within the messenger chat window by the Salesbot. Currently, only the Stripe integration is available.

Once you have configured the Salesbot steps as needed, click Save.

Ta-daaa, your first Salesbot is ready. 🥳

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