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To edit lead data you should choose a lead in list or leads views of Leads section, and click on lead name.

You can edit lead fields in the list view as well as in the lead card. By clicking on the field you can edit it:

  1. Lead name;
  2. Responsible user (by default user who added the lead will be responsible for the lead);
  3. Lead budget;
  4. Sale stage (change lead position in the pipeline);
  5. Lead contact (in case of matching the contact’s name with already existing contacts, additional fields like Company, Position etc.will be filled automatically);
  6. Lead notes;
  7. Attach file to the lead;
  8. Lead To-do.

You can change lead currency in the General settings subsection of Settings section. There you can set such currencies as US Dollar, Euro, Russian Ruble, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Japanese Yen etc. After applying changes don’t forget to press Save button in the left lower corner.

How to quick edit a lead?

You can edit lead in the List view (horizontal lines) of Leads section without having to open lead card. By pointing the cursor on lead field editing icon will appear (pencil). Change the field value and then press Save button.
You can edit: lead fields, contact fields.
You can’t edit: date created, modified, created by, modified by, nearest To-do, address, fields available to edit only via API.

Also you can quickly move lead to different stage in the Leads view (vertical lines) of Leads section. You can choose and drag lead to different pipeline stage. Also you can move lead to trash or to closed stage (Won or Lost).

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