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In amoCRM, there is integration with the feedback form. To connect the form, click on the gear in the "lead" section, then "Add source" and select the form here.

This is a full-fledged constructor, in which there are 3 sections:

  • Field Editor - here we can customize the design of the form and add fields that your client will fill out

  • Customize the form - here you can change the name, add a tag, select the status to which the application will arrive

  • Placing a form - in this section you can customize a special page with a form, and also copy a link to the form in order to insert it on your site

If you have set up that applications come to the stage "incoming leads", then after filling out the form by the client, you will see an application at this stage.

When you drag and drop, the lead / contact / company is automatically created (depending on the form settings and the client's filling, if all three entities can be created - they are created, all information is used), all the fields specified by the client on the site are filled out.

If a request is rejected from the form, a lead / contact / company is formed from the application (depending on the form settings, everything that can be done based on the received data is formed) and all these entities are placed in deleted ones.

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