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Deleting leads

Account administrator or the user with lead deleting rights can delete leads. To delete lead open “Leads” section, open a lead you want to delete, in the right side of lead name press “three dots” button. In the pop up list choose “Delete lead”, in new window press “Confirm”.

To delete several leads use multiple actions.

If you want to view who and when deleted leads, go to “Leads” section (open list view = “horizontal lines”). Press “Search and filter” and apply “Deleted” filter. Now you can set up data to show up in table columns (“More” button aka “three dots” - “List settings”) - add columns “Date Created” and “Modified by”. This is where information about deleted leads will be displayed.

Restoring deleted lead

Deleted leads can be restored only by account administrator.

To restore deleted leads, you need to open leads in the list view and click on the search bar, a filter will appear, you need to select "Deleted". Next, you need to select leads that need to be restored, then click on the "restore" button that appears on the top.

Leads that are in “Deleted” for more than 30 days, will be deleted irretrievably. When 30 days are over there is no way to restore leads. If you are on Enterprise plan, then you can use Backup feature which automatically sends backups to your mailbox so you can restore lost data.

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