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A corporate mailbox (Shared box) can only be connected by the account administrator. This box is available for use to all managers who are allowed access in the "Settings" - "Users" section and have a tick in the "Mail".

If you receive an incoming email from an unfamiliar email address, the application will automatically be created in the "Leads" section in the "unsorted" stage in the selected pipeline. This application will include the name, mail of the sender and the letter itself.

Select the funnel in the "leads" section - "Set up" - "Add source". You can also specify at what stage letters will be received, provided that the checkbox "Automatically create leads when replying to the client" is ticked.

If you do not connect the source to a specific funnel, then the letters to the "Corporate box" will fall into the main pipeline.

Is it possible for the user to connect "Personal Box" or "Corporate Box"?

Users without administrator rights can only connect "Personal Box". Administrator of the account, has the opportunity to add "Corporate boxes" and "Personal boxes" (for the manager).

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