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To connect the mailbox to amoCRM, go to the Mail section and click "More" (in the upper right corner).

At this stage, you need to fill in the email address field, the system will automatically determine the provider. Then you need to enter the password from the mail or click on "Continue", then you will be transferred to the email client page to confirm the connection. You also need to specify the way to connect the "Personal" or "Corporate" box, then tick the "Automatically create contacts for all e-addresses with which correspondence was conducted."

If an error appears during authorization, that the password is not correct, then you need to check: whether you have connected "two-factor authentication"

If you have a Firewall configured or a specific IP list is allowed, you need to allow access from our addresses from which we send and collect emails (you can request a list by writing to us in the technical support chat (the picture on the upper left is the blue "Apply for support" button).


You can not specify the IP address of the server (for example, instead of We do not support IDN domains.

Mail is connected only by IMAP protocol for incoming mail, and by SMTP protocol for outgoing mail. Connect to other protocols, such as Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3), the MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) on which the Microsoft Exchange server is running is not possible.

After connection, import of letters from mail will begin. This process occurs in the background, so you can continue to work. The system will render the last 500 letters (per month). After importing the mail will be synchronized in automatic mode once in 10-20 minutes and will download the remaining letters.

How often is the mail synchronized in the Amo account?

System mail @ is synchronized in about an hour. Your connected boxes are synchronized every 30 minutes. Speed up this process is not possible.

You can forcefully update your connected box. Go to the "Mail" section, by selecting the desired box on the top right, there will be a blue "Refresh" button, after updating the browser page.

Receiving letters.

We receive letters and process only two folders: "Inbox" and "Sent". Other folders can not sync.

When sending a message from the integrated external mailbox, the letter will be displayed in the Contact card. We accept letters only from direct customers, and do not use mail forwarding or letter collectors.

Can I get letters from certain folders / addresses in AmoCRM?

Unfortunately, this functionality is not available. You can make settings on your mail so that letters from certain addresses do not fall into these folders.

Is it possible to search by mail?

Currently there is no mail search.

How to forward a letter?

Unfortunately, such functionality has not yet been implemented within the system. Forward the letter, perhaps only through regular mail.

Is it possible to specify multiple recipients in the copy field?

In the "Copy" field it is not possible to add more than one recipient, you can only send one email to "Copies".

Is it possible to specify multiple recipients in the recipient?

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility. Sending goes only to one address from the card. You can put the address in the "Copy" or send two letters to different clients.

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