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You can add new leads with your clients in your amoCRM account.

To add a new lead:

  1. Press the “Leads” icon in the left hand corner.
  2. Press “New lead” button in the right upper corner.

After pressing “New lead” button lead card interface will appear where you can set:

  1. Lead name;
  2. Responsible user (by default user who added the lead will be responsible for the lead);
  3. Lead budget;
  4. Sale stage;
  5. Lead contact (in case of matching the contact’s name with already existing contacts, additional fields like Company, Position etc.will be filled automatically);
  6. Lead notes;
  7. Attach file to the lead;
  8. To-do for the lead.

When the fields are filled in, to complete adding the new lead, press the Save button in the left lower corner of the screen.

Done! You added the new lead!

I can’t add a new lead.

  1. Probably, you are not allowed to create leads. You should contact your account administrator to clarify your rights in the account. Creating leads should be allowed in user’s settings;
  2. You might have reached account limits by contacts, fields, users etc.
  3. Learn more about limits here;
  4. Your account subscription might be expired. In this case you can’t create new entities.

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