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Since Ringostat is a software that provides sales tracking, telephony and end-to-end analytics, the amoCRM and Ringostat integration is a powerful tool for your web analytics and automation of the work process of your whole sales department.

All phone activities are recorded in amoCRM and attached to a specific deal. This allows you to have total control over the entire sales process and helps you not to miss out on customers. 🚀

In this article you’ll learn:

    Why do you need amoCRM + Ringostat integration?

    One of the main goals of amoCRM + Ringostat integration is to optimize the business process and sales rep’s work. This is done thanks to the power of sales tracking and automation. The integration logic includes a fairly smart algorithm for creating leads. 😎

    Why amoCRM + Ringostat integration?

    1. To eliminate the sales rep’s manual tasks. The sales rep doesn’t need to enter any contacts manually, ask potential customers about their advertising sources, create leads or tasks. With the help of Ringostat Smart Phone — an extension for Google Chrome and a smart assistant for sales reps, you can make calls within one click directly from amoCRM. This saves your employee’s time on boring and repetitive tasks.
    2. To automate your sales process. The call creates contacts, leads and tasks automatically in your amoCRM.
    3. To increase transparency and have control of your sales department's workflow. Since every conversation gets recorded and automatically attached to the lead card, it’s easier to see which sales rep succeeds and how your employee processes requests.

    As demonstrated in the screenshot below, the manager can see the number of current, overdue and completed, as well as leads without tasks. This provides a clear picture about how your sales department is performing.

    a screenshot of a dashboard in amocrm

    Dashboard in amoCRM

    One more step to a full-fledged end-to-end analytics

    Some experts determine the effectiveness of ad campaigns by relying on intermediate metrics. For example, without considering data on closed leads or targeted, junk or repeated campaigns. However, by doing so, they can't see the full picture and reduce the value of call analytics. 😳

    Therefore, while creating a lead in amoCRM, Ringostat automatically adds information on the advertising source, channel, campaign, keyword, and even the unique Google Analytics session ID. 🤩 This is made to provide amoCRM users with all details about the lead.

    a screenshot of the information about the lead

    Details about the lead that is sent to amoCRM

    Furthemore, you can work with this information to analyze won leads by their source. The integration and its sales allows you to transfer revenue data from amoCRM to Ringostat end-to-end analytics. Based on this, Ringostat automatically determines whether the ad is effective and if it brings you profit. It can automatically calculate ROI and the cost of your targeted call. Additionally, it’s even possible to import cost data manually — for example, SEO promotion or banner advertising. 😉

    a screenshot of analytics report in ringostat

    Example of Ringostat end-to-end analytics report

    Improving customer service

    Due to the wide possibilities of setting up call forwarding schemes in Ringostat, you have the opportunity to implement a professional approach to customer service. And it's super easy. 💪🏻

    The forwarding scheme is configured so that a call from a customer with an opened lead is addressed to the responsible sales rep, and does not follow the general forwarding scheme. Thus, the customer will always reach an employee who is aware of all his tasks and questions. 🙂 Moreover, there is no need to ask to switch them to a responsible sales rep and wait on the line.

    If a customer calls but the responsible employee can’t answer them, then the call can be answered by a sales rep who is free. The sales rep who is responsible for this lead will receive a notification that their colleague communicated with their customer. The whole conversation is recorded and nothing gets lost.

    But what if no one answers the call? In this case, the system automatically creates a task which tells you to call the customer back as soon as possible. ⏰ This way, the combination of sales tracking and developed call analytics increases customer loyalty and improves your customer service quality.

    a screenshot of a follow up task in amocrm

    Creating a task in amoCRM

    Use cases of sales tracking with amoCRM + Ringostat

    Let's look at some practical examples of how Ringostat and amoCRM integration works. 😎

    Imagine Peter and Alex both work at an auto dealership company. 🚘 They work in a niche that has long sales cycles.

    A new customer calls the company, who isn’t in amoCRM yet. Peter, the sale rep, answers the call, communicates with a lead and they agree to make another call in two days. After this call, a lead, contact and task will be created in amoCRM attached to the sales rep Peter. A little later, the customer calls back to clarify one more question. Their call will be forwarded immediately to Peter since he is the responsible user for that lead.

    But it may also happen that Peter was absent at the moment of inbound request, as he went to show the car to another potential customer. In this case, the call would be forwarded to Alex. By the end of their conversation, a closed task for Alex and a new task will be automatically created for Peter. ⏰ Plus, Peter will receive a notification that someone has communicated with their customer and an attached recording of the conversation.

    But what if both sales reps were absent at the same time and no one answers the call? Does it mean that this lead is lost? Nope. 🙅🏼‍♀️

    For every missed call, a lead with a new task and deadline will be created. Outbound calls are also recorded. If Alex calls leads that are already in the system, the completed task will automatically be sent to him and attached to the contact. In case if Alex calls Peter's lead, then a closed task is created for him, and Peter receives a notification that someone called his lead. 🚀

    To sum up

    The benefits of amoCRM + Ringostat integration: 👇

    1. Track inbound calls and automatically send information to amoCRM. To put it shortly, with sales tracking, you can keep all records and details of your sales process.
    2. Automatically create leads, contacts and tasks, as well as assign to the sales rep that answers the call in case there is an inbound call from a new number.
    3. Create tasks for the responsible sales rep if there is a call from a lead already registered in amoCRM.
    4. Improve customer service due to the smart algorithm of the forwarding scheme. You can as the call forwarding scheme is configured so that a call from a customer with an opened deal is addressed to the responsible sales rep, and does not follow the general forwarding scheme. Thus, the customer will always reach an employee who is aware of all their tasks and questions.
    5. Optimize the work of the sales department, and reduce their manual tasks. Your sales reps can make and accept calls by clicking on the phone number with the help of the Ringostat Smart Phone extension.

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