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Personalized advertising

Tailor your advertising

With this fantastic integration you will be capable of creating the most flexible Facebook advertising strategies. Deliver a personalized customer journey by introducing advertising campaigns at every crucial stage of your sales pipeline.

How it


Easy to set up and operate, this integration warms up leads by showing targeted digital ads at particular stages of your sales pipeline. Once a lead reaches the desired stage, he or she will start to see your ads. That’s not all — once the lead leaves the stage, it will be removed from the audience. Warm up your leads with ultimate precision, and push them to a successful sale.

How to


Imagine you’d like to run a discount campaign for fresh leads only. Connect your Facebook page, select the advertising campaign and let’s go! Stretch the campaign to include all the pipeline stages with new leads, and they will automatically be added to a new audience and start seeing your ads. Numerous campaigns across multiple stages for different types of leads. A tailor-made customer experience!

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