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It doesn’t matter if you’re tech-savvy, or if you’ve never heard of Facebook; amoCRM is so easy to use, anyone can navigate it.
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Amanda Tufeld,
Director of Sales, Brown Star Insurance
I used one of your major competitors' systems for the last couple years. It was very complex — to the point of our not using many of the features we were paying for. I love how straightforward your system is. Your customer service has been outstanding in helping us get up and running. Thanks again.
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Cheryl Lasher,
Business Development Manager, Pinnacle Human Resources selected amoCRM to organice leads and prospects, in differents status. This powerfull tool helps us getting better process in the company. Today, all sectors use amoCRM, customized for each one, for every need.
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Javier Boxler,
Argentina Country Developer,
amoCRM was the best system we found after long research. After a year, this key tool made our sale representative more efficient and increase our productivity. Easy to use and very visual. I love amoCRM.
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Sylvain Roy,
President, Manage With Success
It has helped organize our client database so we can better define our target market, based on our current customer’s demographics, increasing our ROI for advertising.
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Chris Duffy,
Director of Marketing, Cold-Stock Outer-Wear
For someone always on the run, having access to a hosted system allows me to make updates to my clients list without having to return to the office at the end of the day.
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Matthew Weiss,
Product Representative, Podium Distribution
AmoCRM helps me to sell more by giving me a simple and easy way to organize our company sales process and costumer relationship. I have already tried other softwares and amoCRM is certainly the best choice for small companies.
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Gustavo Gubert,
Our company trialed several applications for CRM management programme. amoCRM has been our chosen application due to its friendly and relevant user interface and functionality, creating a perfect solution for our sales team.
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Sales Manager, W NETWORK LTD
It is a great system at an even greater price. Once our trial ended, we upgraded immediately.
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Alex Wright,
Owner, A.W. Right Party Planning
We have been using amoCRM for a few months now and have not looked back. Before, we were using basic email to manage our leads which were getting lost or the latest updates were not available to all the staff. Now we have a simple method of keeping ourselves up to date with the latest leads. What is really impressive is that we can see how much revenue we are generating with amoCRM’s simple reporting functionality. Keep up the good work!
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Luke Chalmers,
Solutions Manager
amoCRM has so many storing, labeling, and filtering options that it makes finding a client easy even when you have more than you can count.
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Adam Kessel,
Partner Lawyer, Kessel, Hirsch, & Goldman