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The single most influential element for maximizing a CRM’s return on investment, ROI, is high CRM adoption. If your team doesn’t use the CRM you’re paying for, there’s no way you’re getting your money’s worth. So what makes sales people actually use CRM? Forrester Research has consistently found that access to mobile boosts CRM adoption — in one case study, mobile CRM increased use and adoption to 90%. That’s huge!

So why does mobile have this effect? Consistency. You’re telling them to use CRM and also giving them the tools to actually do it.

Alternatively, if you buy a CRM system that doesn’t have mobile, you’re actually undermining yourself: You’re encouraging them to revert back to their own old school solutions while they’re on-the-go such as pen and paper or spreadsheet apps. So even if you implement a CRM policy, guess what they can’t use when they’re away from their desks? The fancy CRM you’re paying for. It’s the same story when it comes to data entry. Who wants to waste time typing up handwritten meeting notes? …Might as well just use the old legal pad for everything.

Notepad crm

Mobile solves this issue, and in the eyes of sales reps, also boosts the CRM’s usefulness. In fact, in a survey of nearly 2,000 salespeople, 82% said that mobile improves the quality of their CRM data. Naturally, you’d be more likely to keep using a product you consider useful.

But there’s also good reason to say that it’s also objectively true. At the most basic level, a useful CRM must:

  • actually contain data
  • be kept up to date

Obviously, you’re more likely to add and update data when it’s easy and can be done any time. Likewise, when you build a habit of using your CRM across all your devices, it becomes a tool you rely on. The more you add to your CRM, the more full of helpful data that it becomes.

By the way, our free mobile app for iOS and Android was designed with this in mind. Below, I outline how going mobile with amoCRM helps your team sell better on the go.


amoCRM 2.0 on iOS and Android

amoCRM mobile app logo

  1. Mobile keeps you up to date

    The mobile app opens up to reveal the sleek dashboard that you’re used to in the web version. All of your most important metrics are visible immediately so you know what your team is up to in real time. Your leads and customers are also synced with the cloud. You can add new prospects by hand or using the business card scanner and find existing clients in your database with smart filters.
  2. amoCRM mobile dashboard

  3. Mobile prepares you

    The app isn’t only for monitoring - it’s also fully-functional. When you need to call a lead or customer, you can do it directly from their card. Your whole communication history, notes, and tasks are there on the client profile too, so you’re always prepared before making contact. Both private messaging and lead card chats are also available, so you can respond lightning-quick to chat-centric colleagues and clients.

    amoCRM mobile clients profiles

  4. Mobile increases productivity

    Sales people often experience a dip in productivity while on the go because when they step away from their CRM, they lose track of all the various upcoming tasks. Mobile CRM is the solution. amoCRM keeps you on track, and also lets you add new tasks and reminders for any lead or contact while on the go.

    amoCRM mobile app version 2.0


Get with the times, already!

Help your sales team help themselves. Go mobile with your CRM to send them a consistent message that they are supported whenever and wherever. Download amoCRM 2.0 on Google Play or iTunes now.


Already using the new amoCRM mobile app? We’d love your feedback. Write us a review on Google Play or iTunes now. Not only does it help others learn more, it also helps us improve!

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