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Webform Builder

Create a
Sleek form
& Grab leads
From your site

Your website is an incredibly effective tool for collecting prospective clients. But leads need to be engaged quickly, or else they’ll lose interest.

amoCRM has the perfect solution. It allows you to effortlessly create elegant custom web forms that fully complement your website’s style. And most importantly, when a visitor submits the form, their information is automatically added to amoCRM.

Tracking Customer Activity

Know when leads
are ready

With amoCRM, you can use your website to gauge customer readiness, setting it up so that specific activities trigger alerts.

For example, you can arrange that when a prospect visits your pricing page, amoCRM will automatically move that lead to a certain stage in the pipeline, and alert the manager to call. This gives you the opportunity to contact the lead when they are most interested, increasing the chances of a sale.

Design Settings


Your webform layout is not limited to templates. You can use any design, background or font and add clickable icons or your company logo. Advanced users can even use custom CSS and JS for the highest level of flexibility and freedom.

Webform Placement

Where You
Want Them

Your web form doesn’t have to get lost at the bottom of the page. You can place it anywhere—whether it’s in the left-hand menu, a separate window, or somewhere else.

Google Analytics Integration

Track Conversions
& Measure Your

The key to evaluating your strategy is to consistently analyze your data. With our Google Analytics integration, now you can discover your most effective methods of attracting leads, improving your sales pipeline, and increasing ROI. Simply tick one box, and data about customers’ purchases will be immediately synced with your Analytics.

Special Plugin for Wordpress

Make your Web
Form Unique

A special plugin is now available for Wordpress, the most popular system of free content management. The plugin allows you to easily change the web form design or choose from many ready-made layouts.

Open API

a custom

If simple web forms don’t quite meet your needs, you can use our API for website and CRM integration. In the developers’ section, you will find instructions as well as examples from other developers.

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