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Clients, Companies and Leads ALL Leads

All of the workforce, especially the sales team, will be keeping in close contact with the company’s clients. Storing and managing all this information in one, easily accessible place will undoubtedly, greatly enhance transparency and give management superior control over the ongoing processes. Now, there will not be any miscommunication or misinformation because all the calls, emails, leads and sales opportunities will be available and readily accessible in one single place.

Tagging Using Any Criteria Individually

Apart from a strict classification system using additional fields, you can also use flexible tags to mark important clients or those you should initially focus on. Use tags to create any sample of clients, permitting them to be forwarded to other users of the system or to be exported.

Automatic Collection of Leads Collect
Leads from
Every Source

amoCRM affords smooth and painless integration with all your existing systems of communication. Whether it’s with your email or telephony service, or social media account, amoCRM is an all-encompassing solution to effortlessly gather and manage all this information.

Scanning Business Cards Contacts
from Business

Do not waste your time searching for the right card in your card holder because amoCRM allows you to forget about all the hassle of manually adding details from a business card into a database every single time.

Use the handy business card scanner in the mobile application to add customer information in 2 clicks. It's free, easy to use and available on Android and iOS.

Customizable Pipeline EXCELLENT Customer

A fundamental component of successful business is a clear, simple and very well-organized system of managing information. Our sales pipeline was made exactly for that.

Just break down your sales process into vital stages and move a customer from one stage to the next through the sales pipeline until a sale is made. You are able to create any number of stages and have an unlimited quantity of sales pipelines.

Additional Fields Add & Customize

All companies are unique, so amoCRM can be customized for any business. You can modify the sales pipeline stages and add as many custom fields as you need. Expand the card of a company, contact, or lead with your own additional fields. You can create any type of field and use it when filtering or exporting data.

Export and Import Fast Data

For fast exchange of data with other systems, amoCRM will export the data you need. The administrator of an account can set up access to export information for any user of the system.

In addition, you can import all the contacts, companies and leads in one file, as well as individually.

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