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amoCRM is Ready to be Integrated with Your Web-site and Analytics
Create your form within amoCRM
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Each completed form converts into a lead as it's passed to amoCRM
Each form consists of data about users from Google.Analytics
Each successful lead is a target within your analytics
Have full contol over your sales pipeline via the internet

More than 5000 Businesses Already Use amoCRM.

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amoCRM has so many storing, labeling, and filtering options that it makes finding a client easy even when you have more than you can count.
– Adam Kessel, Partner Lawyer, Kessel, Hirsch, & Goldman
It doesn’t matter if you’re tech-savvy, or if you’ve never heard of Facebook; amoCRM is so easy to use, anyone can navigate it.
– Amanda Tufeld, Director of Sales, Brown Star Insurance
I used one of your major competitors' systems for the last couple years. It was very complex — to the point of our not using many of the features we were paying for. Thanks again.
– Cheryl Lasher, Business Development Manager, Pinnacle Human Resources
amoCRM was the best system we found after long research. After a year, this key tool made our sale representative more efficient and increase our productivity. I love amoCRM.
– Sylvain Roy, President, Manage With Success
For someone always on the run, having access to a hosted system allows me to make updates to my clients list without having to return to the office at the end of the day.
– Matthew Weiss, Product Representative, Podium Distribution

According to
our researches
businesses lose


of their leads

amoCRM allows you to collect and follow up all your new leads, without losing any. Also, to automatically create new leads in amoCRM from your website forms.

amoCRM is compact and easy-to-use. It doesn’t frustrate your sales team so you don’t have to force them to use it. They will love it because it simply helps them track leads & sell more.

It gives you a full view of your pipeline and sales department activities. You can be confident that every lead is being nurtured and every lead follow-up is being completed.

amoCRMs interface is optimized for tablet use. It works anywhere with an internet connection, from your browser or mobile device. You’re always in control.

It gives you all the analytics you need to find bottlenecks in your pipeline. amoCRM answers the question: “How do I improve my sales?!”

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