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You can sort the data in your lists. To do this, click on the field on which you want to sort

You can also use the search and filter for the fields you select

It is also possible to delete list items from the table by multi-actions. To do this, select the necessary elements and delete them.

Your lists after creation are already available in the transaction card for addition. To add an item from the list on the card, you must:

  • in the transaction card, you must select "Configure" next to the statistics, then click on "+". In the "Add bookmark" window, you must select the list you need.

  • Now you have a new bookmark, you can click on it and add the necessary element.

What is the limit for displaying the attached items?

At the moment, the display of goods - no more than 50. But you can apply "Search". In this case, the search will be performed for all items in the directory.

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