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amoCRM gives you full control of your business or team. You can easily add users and control their permissions for the platform. For example: a marketing employee could be granted access to the system to check on the amount of incoming leads. However, he/she wouldn’t benefit from access to to-dos, so you can easily deactivate that.

How to add a new user?
  1. Go to Settings on the left menu.

  2. Go to Users section

  3. Click the button “Add User”

  4. Complete with the required information

  5. Click on Save

How to edit permissions?

As we’ve mentioned above, not everyone needs the same level of access. In order to edit permissions, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the needed user

  2. Scroll down until the permissions panel

  3. Simple activate or deactivate each category as you see fit

  4. Save before closing the window

What does it mean to be an Administrator?

An administrator gets full access to his/her data, as well as to others. In this case, the user can add other users, configure their accounts and connect third-party integration, access to emails, view all corporate inboxes, even when letters are not attached to the card.

Which levels of permissions are available?

In amoCRM we’re all about options. That’s why we let you limit the ability to create, view, edit, delete and export data. There are 4 levels of permission:

  • Denied: the user cannot access data

  • If responsible: the user accesses data when named a “responsible user”

  • Team-wide: the user accesses personal and group members’ data

  • Allowed: the user can access data

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