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To configure the rights for users, you need to go to the "Settings" - "Users" section and click on the username to which you want to change the rights.

Configure the rights in the window that opens.

Click "Save" to accept the changes.

The checkboxes in the settings indicate:

  1. "Lists"
    Defines access rights to directories and their elements, i.e. these are the lists-directories that you create in addition. These handbooks you can customize by hovering over the "Lists" section, below is the "Add list".

    Only the administrative user and the one that has a check mark in the "Lists" settings can create / delete / modify directories and their elements.
  2. "Mail"
    This tick indicates the user's access to the shared mail. If you turn off the switch, after that the user will be able to read only the personal connected box, he will not see the common boxes, and letters from them in the cards inform about the inadequacy of the rights for reading.
  3. "Incoming lead"
    This switch means the user's access to the unlisted in the "Leads" section. If you turn it off, the user will not be able to see and accept applications from the unparsed.

    Also, this switch will not be if the user has closed the creation of at least one entity (leads\contacts\companies).

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