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The form setup consists of 3 sections, this is a full-fledged constructor that will allow you to customize the form for your tasks. The first section is the "Form Fields" tab, where you can set up the following:

Customizing the form design

You can select the themes, change the location of the text, the color and type of the font to specify, the background image of the form, and the type of fields.

On top are the general settings of the form, to the right - the fields dragged into the editor.

Common form settings include:
  • Themes of the form (possibility to choose one of the custom themes);

  • Text / location (the field name in the designer can be placed on the left / above from the input field and inside the field. If you choose the "inside field" and placeholder options, the field name will have priority);

  • Font;

  • Fields (with or without indentations);

  • Background (the color of the form itself or the picture). The maximum size of the picture for the background should not more than 3 mb;

  • Field shape (with straight or rounded corners).

You can also specify the "Advanced" settings tab in the right panel. These include:

  1. "Title" - allows you to specify the name of the form in text format;

  2. "Line" - is a graphic element that you can add between fields;

  3. "Text" - the field in which you can write the text, when displaying the form on the site (this field can not be changed or filled);

  4. "Logo" - allows you to upload your own picture one or more. The maximum size for a logo is not more than 1 MB;

  5. "File" - allows you to attach a file when you fill out the form. You can attach only one file of no more than 3MB. The allowed formats for the image are png, jpeg, gif, bmp and for documents - pdf, txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, rtf, odt, odp, ods. (After accepting the application in amoCRM there will be attached files in the note, they can be downloaded by clicking on the link.)

Setting up the fields

You can add fields that your client will fill out. Note that the fields are separated by entities to add a field, click on it or drag it to the form. To edit or delete a field from a form, simply click on it and select the desired action. If you click edit, you can change the name of the field and make it mandatory. To change the location of the fields, you must select a field and change their sequence

"User Agreement" - in our form you can add this field by dragging it into the form area and you can add a link there. (Contacts tab).

Button Customization

You can also edit the button by clicking on it. Here you can change the text and color of the button, as well as its location.

Custom CSS

To edit the form style, insert your css code in the "Custom css" field

The second section "Customizing the form", you can make a number of the following changes:

Form name

You can give any name to your form, just click on the text. This is an internal name and has no connection with the header.


You can enter the tag name in the "Tag" field and create it or select the desired tag from existing tags and to each lead created from the form, the specified tags will be assigned.

Lead status

Here you can select the status of the lead from the list, which will be automatically assigned to new leads created from the form. You can choose a certain stage and state the responsible user. If you don’t choose the Lead stage, the lead will falls into the Incoming Leads.

Create a task for the responsible user

Specifies the manager who will be responsible for the leads created after filling out the form. You can also tick and automatically create tasks for leads from the form. The "Follow-up" task will be created for the responsible manager. When you select the status of "Incoming leads" , fields with the choice of the person responsible and the task disappear.

Show form in additional window

For the form on your site to be displayed in the modal window when clicking on the button "Fill the form", tick the "Show form in additional window" box. The text of the button can be changed (also the font background and color).

Use Google Analytics

To connect and work with Google Analytics, check the box "Use Google Analytics" and follow the instructions. After saving the form settings in the transaction card, non-editable fields GA and UTM-labels will automatically be created.

Form submission text

To create your own form submission text, specify it in the "Form submission" field.

You can find the code in the "Form Placement" section and paste it onto your website.

Page background

You can select a page background or image, and also upload your own.


You can change the title of the form by clicking on the text, or select the image that will be located above the form on your page


You can adjust the position of the form on the page, set the padding and side margins.

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