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Tags are very convenient for quickly finding contacts, leads or companies to which a particular tag is assigned. To search by tags, you must specify at least one tag in the search filter.

To do this, go to “Leads” or “Lists”, click on "Search and filter", select the tag you need and click on the "Apply" button.

If you have two tags: "First tag" and "Second tag", then when you specify two tags in the filter, you can use the "and", "or" operators.

There is no option to filter by leads, contacts, companies, and customers without a tag at the moment.

Tags do attach to the pipeline in the "Leads" section. For example, you create a tag in №1 pipeline and it will be displayed in the filter of this pipeline. If you go to №2 pipeline, then this tag will not be displayed in the pipeline’s filter, even if the lead with the tag is transferred from the №1 pipeline to №2 one. To see tags of all leads in the filter, go to "All leads".

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