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View your tasks by clicking on the "Tasks" icon in the left side menu.

The number on top of the red line means the number of tasks that are overdue, as well as the tasks that are due to expire today. Overdue tasks are highlighted in red.

There are 5 system methods for representing tasks.

To-do Line

To-do Line - the mode of displaying tasks for today and tomorrow. The To-do Line mode is convenient for planning and tracking tasks for short intervals, today and tomorrow.


Day - the mode of displaying tasks for the current day. The "Day" mode is ideal for those who carefully plan the whole working day with short-term tasks and follow the schedule.

Attention! In each time interval (all day, 00:00, 00:30, 01:00, etc.), a maximum of 10 tasks are displayed.


Week - the mode of displaying tasks for the current week (from Monday to Sunday). The "Week" mode will be an excellent solution for managers who have both short-term and long-term tasks, as well as for those who optimize working hours of the whole week.


Month - the mode of displaying tasks for the current month. The "Month" mode is suitable for long-term planning.


List - the mode of displaying all tasks in the form of a list. The "List" mode will be convenient for finding a specific task, as well as for editing tasks.

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