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In the "Lists" section, there are three sections displayed:

  1. All contacts and companies: displays both contacts and companies.

  2. Contacts: Only show contacts.

  3. Companies: only companies are displayed.

System filters:

  • Full list: All contacts / companies are displayed depending on the selected section.

  • Contacts without tasks. Contacts that do not have a task are displayed. The tasks set in the attached companies and leads are not taken into account.

  • Contacts with expired tasks. The contacts in which the expired task is located are displayed. Overdue tasks set in attached companies and leads are not taken into account.

  • Deleted. Removed contacts and companies are displayed. This item is only available to the account’s administrator. Contacts and leads are displayed in this section within 30 days from the date of deletion, then they are permanently deleted.

Custom filters:

  • By date. There are two options:
    When created. Filter by date of creation of the contacts.
    When changed. Filter by the date of the last change of contacts.

  • By the lead status. The options are:
    No open leads: all contacts that are not attached to open leads are displayed.
    Contacts with closed leads will be displayed.
    By the status of the lead. You can select any status in any combination.

  • By the manager. You can choose one or more responsible users.

  • By the tasks. The following options are available:
    Ignore tasks
    Take into account the tasks for today
    Take into account the tasks for tomorrow
    Take into account the tasks this week
    Take into account tasks this month
    Take into account the tasks in this quarter
    Take into account the absence of tasks
    Consider expired tasks

  • By tags. You can specify any number of tags. When searching for multiple tags, you can use two delimiters:
    "AND" - contacts and companies are considered, to which all the tags specified in the filter are attached
    "OR" - takes into account contacts and companies to which one or more of the specified tags in the filter are attached

  • By additional fields. You can filter by any fields you create.

After selecting a filter, you click "Apply" and all the values ​​are displayed, taking into account the filter.

In the list "All contacts and companies" there are no additional fields from contacts and companies. In the contact list, only additional contact fields. In the list of companies only additional fields for companies. It is, for example, impossible to withdraw all contacts by the property of the company.
Save your own filter in the list of contacts / companies / all contacts and companies To configure and save the filter, go to the list in which you want to do it. Then, in the filter, select the required parameters. On the left, under the system filters, click "Save". Enter the name of the filter and click the checkmark to save it.

To edit the name of the filter, click on the pencil next to the filter’s name.
You can also delete the filter. Click on the pencil next to the filter’s name. Then click the Bin icon and confirm the deletion.

Filter contacts and companies by tags.

You can select the tags you need in the "All contacts and companies" list filter.
By default, always filtering by tags applies the condition "OR" (ie in the sample after filtering by tags, contacts / companies that have had at least one tag from the ones specified in the filter).
Condition "AND" allows you to see those contacts / companies that contain all the tags selected in the filter.
In order for the selection of the condition to become active, you must select at least one tag from the filter, and in place of the Control button, the "AND / OR" condition selection buttons will appear.

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