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How to highlight 500 contacts?

To display 500 contacts in the new version, go to the link:
* the word "account” should be replaced by your account’s subdomain.

How to split customers into categories?

All your customers can be divided by adding additional fields that will allow you to filter and display all contacts in different categories.

How to recover contact data that was merged?

The user can restore duplicates from the Deleted section with all the data within 1 month.

Will auto-search always work when you create contacts and companies?

Yes, but the search can be performed only among those contacts and companies whose browsing is allowed to the user.

If you don’t have access to the contact of another responsible manager, a duplicate will be created?

Yes, if you add a duplicate contact record, which you can not view, in this case a duplicate will be created.

Can the system track duplicate contacts?

Unfortunately, there is no such function. The manager can click "add a deal" and start typing the contact name in the field. A drop-down list will appear for those contacts that are already there. Depending on the user's rights.

Is it possible to see everyone who bought / did not buy additional service in the contact list?

You can create your own fields in the client’s card. It's very simple and convenient. To mark those who purchased an additional service, you can add your own "Select" field in the client's card, call it "Additional service" and tick the box when the customer purchases the service. Next, to view the statistics, you select the filter by the desired parameters.

How do I send emails to clients from amoCRM?

If you click “e-mail” in the contact card, the mail program for sending the letter will open.

Images in the contact card, where does the system take them from and how do you replace them?

If the contact came to you through Incoming Leads via social networks, the system will use their picture as the profile image for the contact, if the contact was created in another way, the system will substitute it with an image from our database. You cannot change it afterwards.

Why can’t I see the contact / company?

Most probably you only have access to to view and edit those contacts and companies you are responsible for. To view all contacts / companies, you need to ask the account administrator for permission to view all contacts / companies.

The company has more than 40 contacts, but I do not see all of them in the company card. Why?

You can link several contacts to one company, but no more than 40 contacts will be displayed. For example, if 41 contacts are attached to the company, the last of them will not be shown but it will be tied to the company. To see all the contacts attached to the company, you can go to the "Lists" - "Contacts" section, enter the name of the company in the search and the result will show all the relevant contacts.

How do I sort the list of contacts / companies?

To sort the list of contacts / companies, go to "Lists", click on the column name of the table by which you want to sort the list. Then sort them by: ascending / descending or first new / old first. If the desired column is not in the table, click “...” in the upper right corner and choose the "List settings", after which you can select the desired fields and drag them into the table.

How to create a call list for an operator?

In order to create a call list, you need to connect a telephony integration, which has this needed functionality. For example, Twilio, Voximplant, Toky etc.
In the "Lists" - "Contacts" / "Companies" section, tick the needed contacts / companies, then click on the "More" - "Add to the call list" on the popup panel. The system will automatically start dialing the selected customers. If you cannot reach the contact, a corresponding note is placed in his card, then the system starts to call the next contact. In case the client responds, their card is opened.
The functionality of the call list may differ depending on the established telephony.

Mask of the telephone numbers

This is a specific template that allows you to see the phone number in a good-looking record and more readable. Despite the fact that after filling in the phone number, it has spaces and hyphens, when writing a phone they cannot be entered. The mask is substituted automatically when entering the number, you can not turn off the mask.

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