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We get it. Phone calls are definitely not be the most modern way to communicate. But believe it or not, they are highly effective when it comes to closing sales. For such reason, you might want to include them as part of your sales strategy.

3 Ways Telephone Outperforms Email

  1. Phone calls demand immediate responses. Of course, this could play to both side, either a positive or negative response. But sometimes it’s simply better to get a Yes or No from the start and not get it after hundreds of emails.

  2. They are human (just like you…?) And human interactions are usually better for collecting information. You can easily detect if a client or lead is not satisfied with certain information, allowing you to adapt the message and save a sale.

  3. Do you really need another email? Seriously, we get SO many of them every single day than even a phone call can be defined as “original”.

Alright, you’ve got me. There are some downsides too. For example, the fact that you actually need to jump from the computer to the phone to place calls, or that all you might forget about some detail mentioned during a conversation, or well… the phone bill.

However, technology is here to help. With amoCRM you can integrate different Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications that will instantly resolve all downsides mentioned above.

Why you should consider VoIP for your business?

  • VoIP can be installed and maintained without much technical knowledge

  • VoIP is highly adaptable to your needs

  • Employees can access place or take calls even when not at their desks

  • VoIP can even support older technologies like Fax

  • VoIP allows you to reduce costs significantly on international calls

  • VoIP can be integrated with CRM systems

With amoCRM you can integrate some of the most popular VoIP solutions. And it’s really really easy. Just follow these instructions:

Each of the systems available have its own instructions to follow. You can check these by clicking on the logos. Take a look:

In case you want a full example on how to integrate a VoIP with amoCRM, check our tutorial about Toky - you’ll be impressed by how easy it is to implement.

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