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Is it possible to ask the manager the right to combine doubles?

For a manager to be able to merge duplicates, he must have the rights allowed All, except exports. That is, there should be rights to view, create, edit and delete cards.

Can I set up rights for a whole group, and then just drag the users into this group?

Unfortunately this is not possible. The rights are configured separately for each member of the group.

Can I customize my rights so that I hide individual fields from users, and not the entire card?

Unfortunately, this level of customization is not possible. The user either sees the entire card, or does not see it.

If you change the person in charge in the lead, how will the person in charge in the contact and the company change?

If you change the person in charge in the lead, the system will ask if the person responsible for the related contacts and the company should be transferred. The same question arises when you change the person in contact, companies and customers.

If the user has rights to edit the transaction: it is prohibited, then he can write notes, perform tasks?

A user who can at least view the lead can set tasks, perform tasks, write notes, and write in the chat in this transaction.

Can I add a user with an email in Cyrillic?

Unfortunately, you can not add a user with a Cyrillic domain to the system.

Will the deleted data of the remote user?

All data of the remote user is stored in the system. When the user is deleted, the system will ask who should become the new person responsible for the data after the deletion.

I'm an account administrator and can not change the user name and password. Why?

Most likely the user is in several accounts. A user in more than one account can not be changed. Only the user can change the name in the profile settings.

How to change administrator in CRM?

To change the administrator, you need to log in under the current administrator, add the user and make it an administrator. Then authorize in the account under the second administrator and deactivate or delete the first administrator.

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