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How to make groups of leads?
To segment the database of leads, you can use custom fields and tags. Custom fields are additional fields for leads. If you open any lead card, click "Setup" next to the statistics, there you can create new fields. Choose a suitable option from the list, enter the necessary information and an additional field will be added to all your leads. Similarly, you can add an additional field to contacts and to companies.

How to make 2 pipelines?
You can create multiple pipelines with different stages of leads in the “Leads” section by clicking on the pipeline’s name and then click on the "Add pipeline" button.

What are active leads?
Active leads are those leads that are not in stages of "closed - won" and "closed - lost". In all other stages, the lead is active.

Who is the "Responsible user"?
The responsible user is the user who oversees this lead and who is responsible for it. You, as an account administrator, can limit the rights of your users in the "Settings" section - "Users". For example, if you want them to see only their leads, then you need to choose "If responsible”. And then a user will see his lead that he is responsible for, but he won't see other leads.

Can I have multiple contacts in one lead?
Yes, of course, you can add multiple contacts to the lead. To do this, press on a “Add contact” button in the lead card in the "Contacts" section.

How to find leads that don’t have activity?
In order to view leads, for which work is not carried out, we have such sections as "Leads without To-dos" and "Leads with Overdue Tasks".

It is also possible to configure the filter by the modification date, you need to display the "last modified" field in the table and sort by it.

Next, you go to the Leads, select the status you need and click to search. And you can see what leads have been changed today by the modification date.

Why some leads are displayed with a lock icon?
Leads can be displayed with a lock icon if the user does not have the right to edit them. Also it may happen if your account is suspended (due to exceeding the limit, or the term of using the account has expired).

Why notes of related entities might not fall into the lead?
The lead displays notes of related entities (if you switched on showing up these notes in the lead card next to the note by clicking on the "eye" icon) if their creation date is not older the lead on more than 24 hours. So you will not see the notes that were related to the contact and the company before the lead was created. Upcoming comments will be displayed in the lead.

How to move a call from one lead to another?
You can’t move a call record between entities. The call record is related to the contact card. You can unlink the contact from the lead: go to the lead card, and then add this contact to another lead. All notes, call records from the contact card for the last 24 hours will be pulled to the lead card. If you add a contact more than 24 hours later, call records from this contact card will not be pulled into the lead you want.

A contact was unlinked from a lead. Is it possible to find out what contact it was and add it back?
Unfortunately, there is no way to do this. In the changelog, this information does not remain. If you unlink the contact / company, there is no way to see a history.

Is it possible to set up multiple responsible users in the lead?
Unfortunately, in standard functionality, one entity can have only one responsible user.

We added a lead with the company, and all contacts were added to it. Why?
Probably, you added the company to the lead using the "Quick add" feature. Then all contacts from the related company will be added to the lead. If you want to avoid this, you can go to the "Leads" section, add a lead and add a company to it. In this case, only company will be added to the lead.

Who can change the main contact in the lead?
At least a user with the rights to edit the lead can change the main contact in the lead.

How to print a lead card?
You can print the browser page (Ctrl + P/ Cmd + P) or click on the "three dots" on the top right - "Print". An additional browser printing window will appear. Unfortunately, there is no any other way to print a lead card.

What is the limit for displaying the attached items?
At the moment there are no more than 50 items can be displayed. But you can search them. In this case, the search will be done for all items in the directory.

The lead automatically moves to other stages, why?
It’s most likely that you have an automatic lead stage change under certain conditions action set up in the settings of the Digital Pipeline. You can check the presence of this action by going to the "Leads" section -> "Setup Pipeline" as an account administrator.
If there is an action on one of the stages to change lead stage set up, the lead will automatically be moving to a different lead stage according to the specified conditions. If you have several pipelines, you need to check out each one.

How to display more than 50 leads on one page?
In the standard functionality, there are 50 leads displayed per page, it is also possible to display 500 leads. In order to display 500 leads on the page, go to the "Leads" section, at the end of the address bar, add ?ELEMENT_COUNT = 500 The link will look like this:
* you need to replace the “domain” word with your account subdomain. In case you have a filter applied, add the following to the end of the address bar: &ELEMENT_COUNT = 500

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