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If the letters stopped coming to amoCRM, but there are emails in the mail. Perhaps you changed the password. To reconnect the mail, you need to check:

  • Go to the "Mail" section;

  • To the right, click on "More";

  • Select the desired box;

  • Click to disable mail (do not delete letters).

After, you need to connect the box back:

  1. Authorization passed by username and password, then you need to click "Enable" and enter the password again.

  2. To the right, click on "More";

  3. Authorization passed by OAuth, then you need to click "Enable" you will transfer to the access permission page, click "Enable". (you must be logged in with your username and password).

Also please check:

  • Access settings and whether IMAP access is allowed in the settings.

  • Letters come to the Inbox. Messages from other folders are not synchronized.

  • If there are not only individual emails in amoCRM, but synchronization works. Then please check the Outbox and Deleted folder in the Mail section.

  • Perhaps the sender / receiver is one and therefore they come to the Outbox folder.

If you have any problems, write to the technical support chat (the picture on the left is the blue button "Call for support".

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