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Check, please:

  1. Do you have an incoming leads (section "Leads", click "Configure" if you have "Incoming leads";

  2. Look at the "Outbox" and "Deleted" folders;

  3. Is the box connected as "Corporate" and as a source to one of the funnels ("Leads" section, click "Set up", "Add source", connect "Mail" and select the required box;

  4. The sender's electronic box or the recipient's box is not in amoCRM, as a contact;

  5. Check, perhaps the letter from this box is already in amoCRM with the same theme (Repeated unrecognized will not be created.) Change the subject of the message and resend it.

In case of difficulties, please write to us in the chat with technical support, we will help you in this matter (the picture on the upper left is the blue button to ask for support).

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