Net Promoter Score (or NPS) is a feature that will help you gauge the customer satisfaction level after holding a chat conversation. It’s a great way to get feedback if your strategy includes messenger sales and marketing.

This feature is available on Advanced and Enterprise plans.

Do note: in order to use NPS, you need to connect at least one mesenger.

How to set up NPS

To begin the setup, head over to Settings section of your amoCRM account and select Communications. Scroll down Requests and NPS.

Enter the message you’d like the customer to receive once your representative marks the conversation as complete. It will be sent to them automatically.

Then, you can select the responsible user in amoCRM that will receive a notification if the received score is lower than the set threshold, on the scale from 1 to 10.

After that, the setup is complete, and you can get around to using it right away.

How to use NPS

The feature can be used within a lead card or a contact card during a conversation with the customer. Each chat is assigned a unique conversation number, which is visible on the right end of the chat feed.

Once you deem the conversation over, your representative can press on the conversation number and select the Close talk button.

After that, your customer will be offered to assess the conversation on the scale from 1 to 10 by the chatbot.

As soon as they respond with a score, the chatbot will thank the customer for their feedback. Based on the settings, if the score is below the threshold, the selected manager will be notified. You can configure notification settings in your Profile.

The Dashboard section has a widget that will show you the average NPS score, as well as the numbers of top scores, middle scores and low scores within the selected time period.

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