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The feature is available for users who at least have the following rights: full rights to view, edit and delete all entities (leads / contacts / companies). It works only in the browser version of amoCRM.

Search for duplicate contacts in the amoCRM account is done by the same e-mail or phone numbers. Only those leads that contain potentially duplicated contacts (with a common e-mail or phone) are considered as duplicates.

To find duplicates, go to the "Leads" section, in the right corner click on "More" (three dots) - "Find duplicates".

When you merge leads in the list view, the “Find duplicates” interface is similar to the merging duplicates interface, (mark duplicates and click "merge"). If you choose "ignore", then the connection between potentially duplicated contacts will be broken and their leads will no longer be suggested for merging. After merging 2 leads, all to-dos, chats, notes, call records and events will be moved to the new card.

The duplicates search algorithm is a learner. When the system assumes that the leads are duplicated and there are no direct matches, then by clicking on the ignore / not a duplicate, you train the system to find duplicates, and next time with such a case, it will no longer suggest that these cards are duplicates.
Note that we make a search for real duplicates, for example, if you have a contact with the number 7999000000, then the system will not check such contact - it's clearly a garbage lead. Or, for example, we will not check for duplicates email addresses such as no-reply.

The duplicates search does not find a duplicate

Our system offers cards for merging when it considers it necessary. We have a directory of public numbers, which is constantly updated. The numbers in this directory are not considered by our system as a reason for merging the cards, therefore the "Duplicate?" button may not appear. Also you can always merge the cards in the list view.

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