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In order to organize leads view you can use the search field which contains lead filters.

You can use search field on the upper side of the screen to search leads. It will be searching leads by lead name and by additional fields values.

Also you can apply custom or standard filters to find leads that match particular parameters, for example leads that are on “Closed - Won” stage.

You can work with tags as well: filter by tags, remove tags, add tags, manage tags.

There is no search by notes in leads.

Leads filters

  • By lead name - here you can type name
  • By date - two options available: by date created and by date closed
  • By lead stage - you can choose different stages in different combinations
  • By user - you can choose one or several responsible users
  • Created by - you can choose lead creator
  • Modified by - you can view the last user who made changes to the lead
  • By To-dos - the following options are available: don’t view to-dos, view to-dos for today, for tomorrow, for this week, for this month, for this quarter, view the lack of to-dos, view expired to-dos.
  • By tags - you can choose any amount of tags and filter them using “And”, “Or”
  • By additional fields - you can filter by any fields you created
  • By the property of related contacts - you can specify the values of the contact fields to find the related lead.
  • By the property of related companies - you can specify the values of company fields in order to find a related lead.

When filters are chosen, press “Apply” button. If you often use the filter for the same parameters, you can save the filter. To do this, configure the filter by parameters and click "Save", specify the name of the filter and click on the checkmark to save.

Filters in amoCRM are mutually exclusive, in case of applying two or more search filters, leads that match all search parameters will appear in search results.

To select a different pipeline or "All leads" mode, where leads of all pipelines are displayed, click on the top left of the name of the current pipeline and select the one you need to go to.

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