How to connect Instagram

Use the capabilities of Instagram for your business by connecting amoCRM and the official Messenger API for Instagram. Send messages, images, react to Story mentions, use quick-reply buttons, and set up welcome messages — all within amoCRM. Everything works in accordance with Instagram’s rules and restrictions: you can rest assured that the integration is stable and risk-free for your Instagram account.

Before you start

You’ll need an Instagram Business account to use the integration. Here you will find the info on how to convert a personal Instagram profile into a business account.

The Instagram account also has to be linked to a Facebook Business page. Here’s how to do it.

You also need to allow access for integration in your Instagram Business account (Settings > Privacy > Messages > turn on the toggle switch Allow Access to Messages). Check out Instagram’s instructions about managing Instagram messaging access across apps.

Facebook has currently imposed the following restrictions on Instagram accounts available for integration

  • Your Instagram Business account should have no less than 1000 and no more than 100,000 subscribers at the moment you connect it. Don’t worry, in case you lose some subscribers after connecting, the integration will not be disconnected;
  • If the Instagram account is not eligible for integration, you will see a notification stating that Messenger API is not available for your Instagram account yet.
  • To test the integration, you can connect an Instagram account with the username beginning with test_. Accounts with such a prefix can be connected regardless of the number of subscribers. Please bear in mind that it should actually be a test account.

Connection and setup

To connect the integration:

  • In amoCRM, go to Leads section and click Setup in the top right corner
  • On the left, click + Add source
  • Select Instagram integration and click + Add source

    amoCRM Lead Sources

  • Click on + Install

Log in with your Facebook account.

Installing Instagram integration

Important note: The Instagram integration uses your Facebook account to log in. If you also use our Facebook integration (Messenger, Comments, Lead Ads Forms, Facebook Ads), it’s important that both integrations are logged in using the same Facebook profile.

Connecting Instagram integration

After logging in, select the Instagram Business account you want to connect. You can connect several Instagram accounts with amoCRM (as long as each account is linked with your Facebook business page). You will be able to select from your eligible Instagram Business accounts connected to your Facebook account in the dropdown shown.

Important note: The selection menu lists the names of the Facebook Business pages associated with Instagram accounts.

Instagram page selection

The integration is complete. The messaging, Instagram Stories, and quick-reply buttons functionality is enabled right away.

Instagram integration installed

You can now begin setting up ice breakers.

What’s an “ice breaker”?

Messenger API for Instagram allows you to show greeting messages to anyone contacting you for the first time. The moment they open the chat with your account, they will see static message buttons. They can click one of the options, and their choice will be sent as a message arriving to amoCRM as well.

Ice breakers are optional. If you wish to set them up, click on “Ice breakers” in the integration’s settings.

Add your ice breaker texts: up to 4 messages no longer than 80 characters each.

Ice breakers setup

Congrats! You’ve finished the integration setup.

Using “ice breakers”

A potential customer opens your Instagram business page and clicks the “Message” button. If you’ve configured welcome messages, here’s how they will see your ice breakers:

Ice breakers on Instagram

They click one of the buttons, and it will be sent as a message.

Ice breaker sent

If ice breakers are not set up, they just message you.

Either way, the message will appear in amoCRM where you can reply.

Instagram messages in amoCRM

amoCRM will receive the client’s Instagram name (not the username) and profile picture. Messages sent by you directly in Instagram will be synced into the lead card the same as messages sent via amoCRM.

Limitations on messaging

  1. According to Facebook’s limitations, if a client messaged you more than 24 hours ago, you can only message them using a tag.
  2. At the moment, the Messenger API for Instagram supports one tag – human_agent. It will automatically be set in your lead card if between 1 to 7 days have passed since your client’s last message.
  3. If a client messaged over 7 days ago, then you can’t reply to them.

At the moment, the integration supports:

  • Text messages
  • Images (jpg, gif, png, ico, bmp formats that are less than 8 MB in size)
  • Stickers (at the moment, the Messenger API for Instagram supports the “like_heart” sticker only)
  • Reactions to messages (at the moment, the Messenger API for Instagram supports the “love” reaction only)
  • “Shares” (Instagram image and video share)

Messenger API for Instagram also supports mentions of your company in Instagram Stories.

That way, you won’t miss any company mentions: when the client mentions your account in Instagram Stories, you’ll see it right away in the amoCRM lead card and will be able to reply with a direct message.

How does it work?

  1. The client posts an Instagram story and mentions your business-account:

    Instagram Story mention

  2. Here’s what you see in amoCRM:

    Lead card with a Story

  3. You can click on the Story and watch it:

    Story from the Lead card

Important note: The same as in Instagram, Stories are only available to watch in amoCRM for 24 hours or until the author deletes them. If you’ll try to open an expired or deleted Story, you’ll see the “Instagram Story is no longer available” notification.

Another feature supported by the Messenger API for Instagram is quick-reply buttons.

Create messages with quick-reply buttons so your client can reply with a single tap, and you receive the reply as a message in amoCRM.

You can set up quick-reply buttons using Salesbot.

You can configure up to 13 buttons, each up to 20 characters long.

amoCRM SalesBot with buttons

Read more about how to set up Salesbot and what you can do with it.

Here’s how these messages look to your lead:

Quick-reply buttons on Instagram

When the lead taps the button, the text will be sent to you as a message in amoCRM.

Need more help in setting up or troubleshooting? Contact us by sending an email to or write to us on Facebook.

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