How to connect Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic tool for grabbing marketing opportunities. Hardly any modern business out there doesn’t have one. Now you can integrate it with amoCRM and take your Instagram follower communication to another level. Connect one of the world’s largest social media platforms to your amoCRM pipeline and enjoy two-way messaging with the leads from the inside of amoCRM’s interface.

How to connect Instagram

You can connect your personal or your business Instagram page to your amoCRM pipeline.

To integrate Instagram with your amoCRM, follow these steps:

  1. Go to amoCRM’s Leads section and select a pipeline
  2. Enter the Setup mode
  3. Go to the Lead Sources on the left and click + Add Source

  4. Find Instagram and press + Add Source

  5. Click + Install

  6. Enter your Instagram login and password and press Save

    Note: The instructions on the page are important. Not following them can directly cause the inability to connect.

  7. Select the verification channel: your email account associated with your Instagram page or your phone number (in case you have one tied to your page). Press Send.

  8. You will be offered to enter a code that you can find either in SMS if you selected your phone number or in your email inbox. Enter the code and press Save.

    Note: in some cases, the code can go into your Spam folder. Don’t forget to check!

  9. The integration is now complete.

    Important: you can choose to connect different Instagram accounts to different pipelines. However, you cannot tie two accounts to the same pipeline.

How to use Instagram with amoCRM

The newly connected Instagram account is now a source of new leads that will automatically show up in your pipeline under the Incoming Leads stage when someone messages you on Instagram.

You will see that the messages you receive via Instagram show up with a small Instagram icon attached to the lead’s picture.

To answer the lead’s message:

  1. Open the lead card
  2. Choose Chat in the message box, and choose the contact’s name

  3. Enter your text message or choose a template

    Note: access templates to create new ones or edit them in amoCRM’s Settings > Communications > Response templates.

    You can also link your Instagram lead to existing contacts by pressing Link inside of the lead card and entering a lead or a customer. Accept or delete Instagram leads – accepted leads will be transferred to the first stage of your pipeline.

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