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Display Modes:

In the Lists section, there are three display modes:

  • All: displays both contacts and companies.

  • Contacts: Only contacts are shown.

  • Companies: only companies are displayed.

System filters
  • Full list - all contacts / companies are displayed depending on the selected display mode.

  • Contacts without tasks-displays contacts / companies which cards do not have a task. The tasks set in the cards of the attached entities are not taken into account.

  • Contacts with expired tasks - displays contacts / companies whose cards contain an expired task. Overdue tasks, put in the cards of the attached entities, are not taken into account.

  • Without leads, contacts and companies that are not attached to transactions are displayed.

  • Deleted - Displays deleted contacts and companies. This item is only available to the account administrator. Contacts and leads are displayed in this section within 30 days from the date of deletion, then they are permanently deleted.

Custom filters
  • By name - here you can enter the name of the contact / company

  • By date - two options are possible: by creation date and by date of entity change

  • By the status of the lead - you can choose any status in any combination

  • According to the manager - you can choose one or several responsible users

  • Created by - you can select the creator of this entity

  • The author of the change - you can see who made the last changes to this entity

  • By the tasks - here are possible options: do not take into account the tasks, take into account the tasks for today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this quarter, take into account the lack of tasks, take into account expired tasks

  • By tags - you can specify any number of tags and choose how to account for them using "and", "or"

  • By additional fields - you can make a filter for any fields you created

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