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There is no signature in amoCRM. You can create a template and when sending a letter the manager data will be pulled up. You can also create different templates for managers, indicating other information in the text of the letter. Customize the template in the "Mail" section, on the right side from the top "More", select "Add template".

Since there is no signature in amoCRM, the picture can be inserted only in the letter or in the template. To insert it is necessary with a marking html, preliminary having placed a picture on the Internet. The picture is inserted not as html, but by adding a file in the letter it will look like an attached file, not an image.

There are no pictures in the letter.

If the pictures are on the Internet, then they open. If they are enclosed in a letter, they should not be displayed and will be attached to the letter as attachments.

You can attach the file by clicking on the "Add files" button in the lower right part of the letter writing window in all the cards - transaction / contact / company / buyer or when creating a template.

Unfortunately, the ability to attach files when replying from a message in the "Mail" section is missing.


The maximum size of the message is 20 megabytes.

Attached files to the letter.

When synchronizing emoCRM messages with an attachment, we do not download it immediately, the file is downloaded only when you click on it. The file is downloaded from the original message, which is stored on the mail server. If the message is deleted or moved to the mail server, the file will no longer be available.

When messages are received on the system box, attachments are automatically downloaded when the message is received.

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