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Export of tasks

Exporting tasks is possible in iCal format (iCalendar format, also called iCal, is the standard format of the Internet calendar, allowing users to create and share electronic calendars on different computers and in different programs), you can also attach iCal to Microsoft Outlook.

Sync with Google Calendar

You can synchronize the tasks with Google Calendar. To do this, in the Tasks section, click Synchronize to turn on sync, select a Google Account, and allow amoCRM to access the Google calendar. After that, the tasks from the system will be added to Google Calendar.
Synchronization of tasks is active, it means that the changes in amoCRM appear in Google Calendar and vice versa. In Google Calendar, you can edit the date, title and text of the task, you can not change the task type.
In Google Calendar, you can bind a task to a lead, a contact, a company or a customer in amoCRM. To do this, you need to create a task in Google Calendar when filling in the details of the event in the text field through the # sign to indicate the ID of the selected card without a space (# 123456789). ID can be taken from the link to the card, for example,
After creating a task with an ID in Google Calendar, a link will appear to the lead, contact, company or customer whose ID was specified, and you can go to it.
Synchronizing tasks during deletion and execution:

  • If you run the task in amoCRM, it will be removed from the Google Calendar.

  • If you delete a task from Google Calendar, the task in amoCRM will be marked as done.

  • If you delete the task in amoCRM, the task remains in Google Calendar.

Import tasks

At this time, you can not import tasks.

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