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If you made a mistake while creating a task or if the information related to the task has changed, you can always make the needed changes.

If the task is attached to a lead, contact, or company, you can edit it in the "Tasks" section in the "To-do Line" mode. When you click on a specific task, you will be redirected to the card of the associated entity. Information about what the task is tied to is displayed in the upper right corner of the task box. Click on the task and you can edit your data.

After making changes, be sure to click "Save".

If the task was not tied to a contact or lead, you can change it by selecting the task display type "To-do list" and just clicking it.

Click on the task in the task list. After clicking on the task, a menu will appear where you can make changes. After making changes, be sure to click the "Save" button.

Also you can make quick editing of tasks by simply dragging and dropping them into special blocks. You can change the timing of the task, complete it or delete it.

Simply grab the task in the To-do Line view and drag it into the corresponding block.

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