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In order to edit an existing contact or company you need to:

  1. Click "Lists" on the left side menu;

  2. Find a contact or a company in the list and click on its name.

After clicking on the name of the contact or company, its card will open, where you can make some changes:

Quick edit contact and company fields

You can edit the contact or company fields by going to the "Lists" section, where you can see the table with all contacts and companies, or separately contacts or companies. When you hover the cursor over any field in the table, a pencil appears, you can click it and edit the field.

Linking a contact to a company and vice versa

To bind a company to a contact, you need to go to the contact card, then click "+ Add company".
After you do so, enter the name of the company, if the company with that name already exists, then the system will prompt you to select it from the list. If you want to create a new company, you can do it here as well. Please, mind that you can only attach one company to a contact.
You can also open a company and attach one or more contacts to it by clicking the "Add contact" button.

Add notes, tasks, send emails and chat messages

To do one of the actions, please, go to the contact / company card and below the feed - click the link to select one of the options in the active field:

  1. E-mail - appears if the contact / company has an e-mail in the email field. When selected, a window will open for sending a letter. There you can specify the CC, the subject, the e-mail receiver and sender, select an email template or write the letter.

  2. Note - you can leave a comment in the contact / company.

  3. To-do - you can choose the responsible user for the task, due time, the type and the comment on the task.

It’s not possible to chat with a colleague or a client in contact / company card, this functionality is only available in the lead and the customer cards.

Attaching products from the lists to the contact / company

Before adding products from a list, you will need to create one.
Then, in the contact / company, click on "Setup" tab at the top, in the window that appears, select the created list that you want to add, and click "Save." If needed, you can select multiple lists.
In the contact / company, they will look like a tab in which you can select the product and quantity. Click on the tab and below press "Attach an item". Select the units of the item you want, quantity and click "Save". If you have many items, you can use the search in the list there.

Mass actions with contacts and companies from the list

In the list of contacts and companies, the following mass changes are available:

  1. Reassigning the contact/company to another Responsible User

  2. Adding a task

  3. Deleting the contact/company

  4. Editing tags

In order to apply a certain action to all contacts and companies (change the responsible user, add a task, delete, etc.), tick all the items and select an action. Next, the system will send you this message: "Do you want to apply the action to all companies in the account or only to the current page?". If you select "For the whole account", the action will apply to all contacts / companies in your account. If you select "for the current page", the action will apply only to the current page (50 contacts / companies).

Merging contacts or companies

If you find that you have two cards for the same contact / company, it’s possible to combine them into one. To do that, select the contacts / companies you need to combine and click "Merge" in the opened panel.

Next, the Merge window will open, where you will see the fields of each card and the merging results. There, you need to select the fields that you will transfer to the new card and click "Save".
If the data in the fields is different, by default the contact / company created first is selected (from the first column).
If the data in the fields of the multi-list type is different, all variants of values ​​in each contact / company are highlighted, and the total contact / company is added with the sum of the values.
If all field values ​​are the same, then they are written with text, without offering a choice.
If the value of the field is only for one contact / company, then one value is selected (in other columns, either text or nothing).
Fields that are different from each other can be selected using the switch, except for multiple fields and multi-list fields that are selected using a checkmark. All selected values ​​are added to the final contact / company, in the most recent column. Leads tied to a contact / company are displayed in numbers and the total field displays the total.

As a result, you will have one card with the fields that you selected when setting up the merge.
The combination of the contacts / companies does not create a new third card. The information is transferred to the existing one, and the second, from which the data is transferred, is deleted.
Limitations for finding duplicates are only for those users who don’t have access to viewing all contacts, because the search can be performed only on the data that the user is allowed to view.
The maximum number of items available for comparing and merging is 5. You cannot merge a contact and a company together.

If the contacts / companies were merged by mistake, the deleted contact / company can be restored from the Deleted Items folder within 1 month.

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