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Setting up the Digital Pipeline helps you make sure that all your leads are automatically advanced along the stages of your pipeline until they are won. You can now bid farewell to losing leads because you forgot to contact them.

Let's set up the Digital Pipeline. Go to the Leads section and click on "Setup Pipeline" in the upper right corner.

If you have several Pipelines, you can set up actions for each of them. Just make sure the desired pipeline is selected before clicking on "Setup Pipeline".

Here you can configure the automatic creation of a task, a lead, a customer, sending an email, Salesbot, adding to Google Analytics, sending WebHooks, and changing the status and tagging a lead. You can configure several actions for each stage.

Automatically Set a Task

In the early stages, it is especially important not to forget about a lead, so let's set a task to contact the customer. Click on any cell in the "Initial contact" column and select the "Add a to-do" action. The pop-up menu allows you to customize when and how the action is executed. Use the drop-down menus to choose when the action is executed, the deadline, as well as who would be responsible. You can also add a comment and tick the checkbox if you want to apply the trigger to the current leads in this status or stage. Click "Done" and click the "Save" button in the upper right corner to save the action.

If you put a task with a deadline not at the time of creation, but after a period of time, the task will only be created if the lead does not advance to the next stage.

Automatically Send an Email

For the next stage, let's configure the automatic sending of an email. To do this, you need to connect an email address and create an email template in the mail section beforehand. Click on any cell in the "Offer made" column and select the "Send an email" action. Now you need to select the conditions for the action like you did in the previous action. In this case, you need to set when the email will be sent, which email template will be sent and from whom the letter will be sent. After setting it up how you want Click "Done" and save.

Automatically Add Contacts to Advertising Audience

The Digital pipeline can add all your contacts to the advertising audience and display targeted ads to them, and when you move them to another stage, it removes them from the audience. To make this possible you have to connect a Facebook or AdWord account [link] and authorize amoCRM. Let's set up the pipeline to show Facebook ads to contacts while they are in the "Offer made" stage. Click on any cell in the "Offer made" column and select the "Add to campaign" action. The pop-up menu allows you to choose when the action will be triggered, which advertising account will be used, which campaign and group of ads will be displayed to the contacts. Click "Done" after choosing.

Tip: Don't forget to save after setting up actions.

Automatically Move Leads to the Next Stage

In addition to automatic actions, you can configure automatic transfers of leads from stage to stage, for example, when a contact visits your website. Let's set up this action in the "Negotiation" stage. Once again, you need to click on any cell in the "Negotiation" column, select "Change lead stage" and choose to execute action "when selected website is visited". On the pop-up menu specify a website by entering its URL. Tick the checkbox if you want the action to be triggered when the contact visits any page on your website. Finally, you have to paste the code on your website and Click “Done”. Now when the contact goes to your website, the lead linked to it will automatically move to the next stage.

All automatic actions can also be performed under certain conditions that you select at the top of the card of any action. Such conditions may be:

  • Tags

  • Responsible user

  • Sale

  • Date

  • Website

  • any fields you have created

Deleting an Action

To delete an action, click on it then click on the “Trash can” icon in the bottom right corner of the pop-up menu. Easy!

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